31 Jan 2023

More confirmed dead in marathon search of rubble in Pakistan mosque blast

The death toll of the attack in the Pakistan province of Peshawar has risen to at least 87 people. The attack occurred in a mosque with a suicide bombing that targeted policemen. The mosque is located within a high-security police headquarters area. An investigation into how the bomber was able

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30 Jan 2023

At least 32 killed after attack in Peshawar

At least 150 people have been injured and 32 have been killed in a bombing at a mosque in the Pakistani city of Peshawar. The explosion destroyed part of the building and officials say that there are people trapped under the debris. Most of the people who died were members

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17 Jan 2023

Pakistan PM seeks India talks on ‘burning issues such as Kashmir’

The Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has called for talks with India to discuss burning issues and has asked the United Arab Emirates to play a role in dissolving the tensions between the two countries. Last week, Sharif visited the UAE and termed it a brotherly country. He has stated

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20 Dec 2022

33 militants killed at Pakistan police station

Pakistani security forces have retaken a previously captured police station and killed all 33 hostage-takers according to the defense minister. Islamist militants from the Pakistani Taliban seized the police station in the north-western Bannu district on Sunday.  Several people, including security officials were inside the station at the time of

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03 Nov 2022

Pakistan ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan shot and wounded at protest march

Imran Khan, Pakistan’s former prime minister, was shot and wounded in the leg during an attack on his protest in Wazirabad, Pakistan. It remains unclear whether Khan was deliberately targeted or if he was the victim of stray or indiscriminate gunfire. Members of Khan’s PTI party confirmed that four other

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21 Oct 2022

Imran Khan disqualified from holding office for five years, Pakistan’s election commission rules

The Election Commission of Pakistan has ruled the Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan will not be able to hold political office for five years. This move was announced on Friday and is likely to increase the political tension in the country. The ECP chief stated the Khan was disqualified

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17 Oct 2022

Former PM Imran Khan dominates Pakistan by-elections

The former prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has been on an electoral streak after being removed from office six months ago. During Sunday’s by-elections, eight National Assembly seats were up for grabs, Khan, the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) contested seven of the seats, and won six. Candidates of

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07 Oct 2022

Pakistan flood losses estimated at $40bn according to Ex-finance minister

Pakistan has estimated the total losses from its recent floods could be as high as $40 billion. This estimate is revised from the original estimate of $30bn. The government is appealing for debt relief from global lenders and more aid from the international community in fighting the environmental catastrophe.  The

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13 Sep 2022

Global Crypto and Digital Currency Initiatives: Pakistan

We continue with our survey of crypto and digital currency initiatives from around the globe, all of which are officially sanctioned to enhance national competitive advantage (in the event crypto overtakes the US dollar as the global reserve currency).  It is the cumulative adoption rate of state-sanctioned crypto and digital currency legalization and regulation that will propel this innovative system for value exchange as a global currency standard.

The next country, Pakistan, ranks #3 in the primary research report on which we have based our list of countries to survey: the 2021 Chainalysis’ Global Crypto Adoption Index.  The fate of cryptocurrency and digital currency in Pakistan is playing out right now in a battle royale between the State Bank of Pakistan, which has called for banning crypto entirely, and industry leaders, who advocate for regulation as sophisticated as those applied to other financial markets in the country.

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09 Sep 2022

UN chief visits flood-hit Pakistan, appeals for ‘massive’ help

The United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has appealed for global support on behalf of Pakistan due to unprecedented flooding has killed almost 1,400 people and destroyed over a million people’s homes. Guterres landed in the Pakistani capital early on Friday morning and was received by Hina Rabbani Khar, the Pakistani

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