27 Aug 2018

Myanmar Generals Should Face Genocide Charges, U.N. Panel Says

“Myanmar’s army commander and other top generals should face trial in an international court for genocide against Rohingya Muslims and for crimes against humanity targeting other ethnic minorities, United Nations experts said on Monday after a yearlong investigation. Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing, the commander in chief of Myanmar’s army,

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08 Jun 2018

Facebook bans hardline Buddhist group in Myanmar after their role in Rohingya incitement

Facebook recently banned a group of hardline Myanmar Buddhists and a number of monks who played a significant role in the incitement to violence against the Rohingya. Facebook plays a large role in the country and the organization has come under criticism for failing to remove the content within what

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06 Jun 2018

Expert question geopolitical motivations behind Chinese investment in Myanmar

“To understand China’s top priority in Myanmar, forget Beijing’s involvement in the country’s sputtering peace process, or efforts to restart its backed but now suspended 3.9 billion USD hydroelectric dam, or even securing rights to extract copper at the locally resisted mine outside of Mandalay…these are all subordinate interests to

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