12 Mar 2020

UK soldier and two Americans killed in rocket attack in Iraq

As a result of a rocket attack against US and UK bases, three soldiers have died and at least 12 others have been injured. The attack, which occurred in Iraq, killed an American soldier, an American contractor, and a British soldier, however, no names have been released at this point.

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10 Mar 2020

American forces raid Islamic State hideouts on Qarachogh mountain: witnesses

Early Sunday morning a fight ensued on the Qarachogh Mountain, commonly attacked by ISIS. American forces entered with warplanes and helicopters at approximately 7 am, to surround the intended target, ISIS members. Witnesses claim there were around 200 soldiers fighting, some of which were Americans. Intense fighting ensued after American

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06 Feb 2020

Iraqi officials say Baghdad wants to minimize reliance on US

Two senior Iraqi military officials have reported that the Iraqi government ordered its military not to seek assistance from US forces in operations against ISIS. Tensions between Washington and Baghdad have risen after a US-led airstrike in Iran that killed a top Iranian general and an Iraqi militia commander. Although

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27 Jan 2020

12 dead, hundreds wounded as protesters clash with Iraq security forces

Twelve people have died and 230 others injured as protests in Iraq grew violent, with demonstrators clashing with security forces. The figure was a result of violence over the past three days, according to the Independent High Commission for Human Rights of Iraq stated on Sunday. Nine protesters were killed

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06 Jan 2020

Donald Trump threatens Iraq with sanctions, says US won’t leave unless ‘they pay us back’ for air base

The US drone strike that killed Iranian military commander Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani at Baghdad airport last Friday has not only resulted in increased tensions between Washington and Tehran, but has also fueled resentment against Washington in Baghdad, where Iraq’s Parliament on Sunday adopted a nonbinding vote to expel the

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02 Jan 2020

Militia Supporters Retreat From U.S. Embassy Site in Iraq

An attempt to storm the US Embassy in Iraq ended on Wednesday as protesters withdrew from the area after their efforts were fueled by opposition to American troop presence in Iraq. The protesters, a militia backed by Iran, tried to force their way into the US Embassy compound on Tuesday

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29 Dec 2019

U.S. strikes in Iraq and Syria target Iranian-backed militia, Pentagon says

The US military announced that it has launched strikes on five facilities in Iraq and Syria allegedly under the control of a militia backed by Iran called Kitaeb Hezbollah. The Pentagon stated on Sunday that the strikes were a result of repeated assaults by the militia and the death of

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09 Dec 2019

12 protesters killed in Baghdad as cleric warns against ‘foreign interference’

On Friday, gunmen operating several vehicles opened fire on an active demonstration in Baghdad, Iraq, leaving 12 dead and 22 wounded. This marks one of the most violent days in Baghdad in several weeks. Thousands of anti-government protestors took to the streets of Baghdad in Tahrir Square over the weekend,

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06 Dec 2019

Fears rise as at least 13 stabbed in Baghdad square

At least 13 people were stabbed in Tahrir Square in Baghdad on Thursday amid protests in Iraq over the political state of the government. The Iraqi Parliament was scheduled to meet on Thursday to discuss laws governing compensation to include victims of security operations and vote on changes to the

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02 Dec 2019

With prime minister out, Iraq in constitutional ‘black hole’

On Sunday, the Iraqi parliament formally accepted Adil Abdul-Mahdi’s resignation as prime minister. However, the next step to replacing Abdul-Mahdi remains unclear and clouded with legal questions. Existing laws on replacing a prime minister who resigns do not provide clear procedures. Abdul-Mahdi’s resignation follows the intensification of protests in the

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