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ISIS behind brutal attack in Salah al-Din province, Iraq military says

In north Baghdad on Thursday, eight people died in three separate attacks. The victims included six family members, according to an Iraqi military statement released Friday. According to Iraqi intelligence, ISIS militants were behind the brutal attacks, which took place in a predominantly Sunni village in the Salah al-Din province, 84 miles north of Baghdad. The area is currently under the control of the Shia-led paramilitary forces known as the Popular Mobilization Units.

ISIS allegedly claimed responsibility for the attack via a statement released on Friday. The group stated that several militants carried out three separate attacks. ISIS called some of the victims ‘spies’ for the Popular Mobilization Units. ISIS released photo evidence of the raid, including images of the deceased victims. Iraqi security officials have confirmed that the photos are legitimate. The terrorist group also killed a police officer and a lawyer in the same village as part of the other attacks.

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