24 Sep 2021

Facebook Ordered to Release Records on Closed Myanmar Accounts

On Wednesday, a federal judge ordered that Facebook hand over records related to accounts shut down in 2018 that were linked to violence in Myanmar. According to the ruling, the accounts were linked to government-backed violence against the Muslim Rohingya minority in Myanmar. Facebook has been struggling to mitigate the

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18 Aug 2021

Mozilla, MacArthur and Ford foundations unite to oppose Facebook ban on NYU disinformation research

Earlier this week, multiple high profile foundations including Mozilla, MacArthur, and Ford foundations joined forces to criticize Facebook for disabling the accounts of New York University researchers who were conducting an investigation into disinformation on the platform. Other organizations included in the criticism are the NetGain Partnership and the Omidyar

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03 Aug 2021

Amazon Fined 746 Mn Euros in Luxembourg Over Data Privacy

In Luxembourg, Amazon has been fined $880 million by authorities due to allegations that the company violated the EU’s data protection rules. The company announced the fine on Friday of last week. The fine was allegedly issued on July 16 by the Luxembourg National Commission for Data Protection after an

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16 Jun 2021

Facebook awards $30,000 bounty for exploit exposing private Instagram content

Bounty hunter Mayur Fartade has been awarded $30,000 for discovering and reporting a vulnerability in Instagram’s privacy features. According to Fartade, he uncovered a set of vulnerable endpoints within the Instagram app that allowed hackers to view private media on the platform without following a targeted account. Fartade wrote in

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04 Jun 2021

Europe opens twin antitrust investigations into Facebook

European regulators have launched two separate antitrust investigations to discover whether the social network’s use of data gives Facebook an unfair advantage in advertising. The results of the investigation could result in fines on Facebook and pressure for the social network to change its business model. The European Commission is

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03 May 2021

Facebook, Google, Twitter caution Australia against a blanket terrorism content ban

On Friday, representatives from Google, Facebook, and Twitter appeared before an Australian security committee to warn them against banning all mentions of content deemed inappropriate on Australian social media. The tech giants appeared as a united front, hoping to sink the idea that they are collaborating to thwart nefarious activity,

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19 Apr 2021

Coding error allowed attackers to delete Facebook live video

Facebook has recently resolved an issue that allowed attackers to delete content posted on Facebook Live without the consent of the video’s owner. Just two days ago, cybersecurity researcher Ahmad Talahmeh posted an advisory explaining how the vulnerability worked and providing a Proof-of-Concept code that was able to trigger an

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08 Apr 2021

Facebook tackles deepfake spread and troll farms in latest moderation push

Earlier this week, Facebook published its latest Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior report, in which it listed its most recent efforts to curb coordinated illegitimate behavior across the social media platform. According to the report, Facebook investigated and wiped out a long-running troll farm located in Albania with a widespread impact. The

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06 Apr 2021

Data of Half a Billion Facebook Users Leaked

Cyber-intelligence agency Hudson Rock discovered a leak in which the personal information of half a billion Facebook users has been leaked online. The information exposed includes phone numbers, locations, birthdates, Facebook IDs, full names, and email addresses. The data was discovered on a website known to be used by hackers.

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31 Mar 2021

New poll shows Facebook’s severe trust problem

A new poll shows that Facebook is experiencing difficulties maintaining user trust. Facebook is often utilized as an echo chamber, a place to spread conspiracies, and a news source for more than half of all adult Americans. However, the Cambridge Analytica scandal has perhaps permanently tainted Americans’ view of Facebook

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