28 Dec 2022

Facebook Agrees to Pay $725 Million to Settle Privacy Suit

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has agreed to pay a $725 million settlement to end a long-running lawsuit that accused the network of allowing third parties to access private data. This includes the notorious Cambridge Analytica issue, one of said third parties accused of accessing users’ private data collected by the

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20 Dec 2022

Meta Takes Down Over 200 Covert Influence Operations Since 2017

According to social media conglomerate Meta, it has taken down roughly 200 covert influence operations on its platforms since 2017. Meta owns social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp and reported that networks operating on the platforms were disrupted for violating Meta’s Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior (CIB) policy. Meta released

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15 Nov 2022

Jen Hoar on Corporate Intelligence and Investigations

In this OODAcast we interview one of our close friends and OODA network members, Jen Hoar. Jen is a former journalist-turned-corporate investigator who has leveraged the potent act of asking, and listening, to turn strangers into sources and contacts into clients. Her expertise, which is clearly also her passion, is identifying and interviewing smart people about any given topic, to learn as much as possible to inform clients’ executive decision-making.

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11 Oct 2022

Facebook Login Details at Risk as Meta Identifies Over 400 Malicious Apps

Meta has allegedly identified over 400 malicious Android and iOS apps that are targeting individuals with the goal of stealing their Facebook login information. The parent company of Facebook stated that the app discoveries were all made this year and have since been reported to the appropriate parties, Apple and

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14 Sep 2022

Cyberattackers Abuse Facebook Ad Manager in Savvy Credential-Harvesting Campaign

According to security researchers at Avanan, attackers are using the power of Facebook’s branding to craft emails that seem to be legitimate Facebook Ads Manager communications. The attackers are seeking credentials and attempt to lure targets into giving up logins and credit card information under the guise of Facebook ads.

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28 Jul 2022

Novel Malware Hijacks Facebook Business Accounts

A recently discovered malware dubbed Ducktail has been linked to Vietnamese threat actors. researchers from WithSecure released a report on Tuesday detailing the campaign in which the attackers use LinkedIn to steal data and admin privileges. The campaign appears to be motivated by financial gain. and has been active since

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27 Jul 2022

Phishing Attacks Skyrocket with Microsoft and Facebook as Most Abused Brands

Phishing attacks impersonating Microsoft have increased by 266% in Q1 compared to Q1 of 2021. Microsoft, Facebook, and French band Credit Agricole are the brands most commonly used by malicious actors to conduct phishing attacks, according to a study of phishing released by researchers at Vade Tuesday. Phishing attacks leveraging

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25 Apr 2022

This sneaky phishing attack tries to steal your Facebook password

Researchers at Abnormal Security have released details pertaining to a phishing campaign targeting Facebook users. The phishing campaign aims to steal passwords to the popular social media platform. Researchers state that the phishing emails claim to be coming from Facebook employees and warn that the account might be disabled or

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11 Apr 2022

Russian-backed hackers broke into Facebook accounts of Ukrainian military officials

A group of hackers with ties to the Belarusian government broke into the Facebook accounts of Ukrainian military officials and posted videos calling on the Ukrainian army to surrender. According to Facebook’s parent company, Meta, the posts appeared as if they were coming from the legitimate account owners. The group of

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17 Mar 2022

Irish Watchdog Fines Meta $19m Over Data Breach

Ireland’s data regulator, the Data Protection Commissioner, has fined Facebook’s parent company Meta $19 million over the results of an inquiry that looked into twelve data breach notifications received by the DPC between June 2018 and December 2018. The probe sought to examine how Meta Platforms had complied with Ireland’s

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