13 Jul 2020

Facebook and Instagram ban all posts promoting conversion therapy

On Thursday, Instagram announced that it planned to ban all forms of content promoting conversion therapy, which is a highly controversial practice consisting of forcefully changing an individual’s sexual orientation. A spokesperson for Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, stated that the recent change in policy expands on an earlier rule that

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19 Jun 2020

Facebook Pulls Trump Campaign Ad Featuring Nazi Symbol

Facebook has made the decision to remove advertising for Donald Trump’s re-election campaign because it featured a symbol that is heavily associated with Nazi Germany. The advertisements, which stated that left-wing activists he calls Antifa should be branded a terrorist organization, had an inverted red triangle. The inverted red triangle

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20 May 2020

WolfRAT Android Malware Targets WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger

A new Android malware family has been identified by security researchers after it was repeatedly spotted in campaigns against Thai targets. According to researchers, the malware family, dubbed WolfRAT, targets popular messaging apps to gather intelligence. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are among those utilized by the malware operators, who are

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15 May 2020

Facebook Offers $50K For AI That Can Detect Hateful Memes

Facebook prides themselves in delivering content on their site that is pre-filtered for hate speech. However, the commonly shared meme is a multimodal content that Facebook’a AI struggles to distinguish the meaning of. Currently, Facebook is offering a 50,000 dollar prize to a winner who can develop an AI that

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21 Apr 2020

267 million Facebook profiles sold for $600 on the dark web

Security researcher Bob Diachenko discovered 267 million Facebook profiles being sold on dark web sites and hacker forums for over $600 apiece. Diachenko uncovered the stolen account credentials for sale last month. However, none of the records include passwords, instead containing information that could allow attackers to conduct spear-phishing or

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06 Apr 2020

Russian telco hijacks internet traffic for Google, AWS, Cloudflare, and others

A Russian state-owned telecommunications provider intercepted internet traffic meant for 200 of the world’s biggest content delivery networks (CDNs) and cloud hosting providers. The telecommunications company, Rostelecom, affected more than 8,800 internet traffic routes in the incident. Impacted companies include Google, Amazon, Facebook, Akamai, Cloudflare, GoDaddy, Digital Ocean, Joyent, LeaseWeb,

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25 Mar 2020

Apple Is Donating 9 Million Masks To Combat The Coronavirus

Apple has announced that it will donate 9 million N95 masks to combat the coronavirus outbreak. Apple is one of several tech companies to pitch in with donations as hospitals continue to report protective gear shortages. Vice President Mike Pence announced the donation on Tuesday during a press briefing. N95

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13 Mar 2020

Facebook cookie-stealing trojans surface on Android devices

Kaspersky, a cybersecurity company, has discovered a new vulnerability in Andriod devices’ use of browser cookies, stating that they are being ex0ploited by a pair of Andriod targeted trojans. Kaspersky released a report titled “Cookiethief: a cookie-stealing Trojan for Android,” and it describes the new strain of malware, which it

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03 Mar 2020

Facebook claims Myanmar telco spent $1.2m on fake accounts to criticise competitors

Facebook published its first Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior Report on Monday, in which the company claimed that they had moved a network of fake pages and accounts allegedly operated by Vietnam’s Viettel and Myanmar’s Mytel. The network of fake accounts were created for the purpose of discrediting their competitors through the

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28 Feb 2020

Facebook sues SDK maker for secretly harvesting user data

Yesterday, Facebook filed a lawsuit against a data analytics firm, OneAudience, in a California court. Facebook alleges in the lawsuit that OneAudience paid developers to install its SDK in their apps, and later used the control it had over the SDK code to harvest Facebook users’ data. The court documents

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