25 Mar 2020

Apple Is Donating 9 Million Masks To Combat The Coronavirus

Apple has announced that it will donate 9 million N95 masks to combat the coronavirus outbreak. Apple is one of several tech companies to pitch in with donations as hospitals continue to report protective gear shortages. Vice President Mike Pence announced the donation on Tuesday during a press briefing. N95

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13 Mar 2020

Facebook cookie-stealing trojans surface on Android devices

Kaspersky, a cybersecurity company, has discovered a new vulnerability in Andriod devices’ use of browser cookies, stating that they are being ex0ploited by a pair of Andriod targeted trojans. Kaspersky released a report titled “Cookiethief: a cookie-stealing Trojan for Android,” and it describes the new strain of malware, which it

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03 Mar 2020

Facebook claims Myanmar telco spent $1.2m on fake accounts to criticise competitors

Facebook published its first Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior Report on Monday, in which the company claimed that they had moved a network of fake pages and accounts allegedly operated by Vietnam’s Viettel and Myanmar’s Mytel. The network of fake accounts were created for the purpose of discrediting their competitors through the

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28 Feb 2020

Facebook sues SDK maker for secretly harvesting user data

Yesterday, Facebook filed a lawsuit against a data analytics firm, OneAudience, in a California court. Facebook alleges in the lawsuit that OneAudience paid developers to install its SDK in their apps, and later used the control it had over the SDK code to harvest Facebook users’ data. The court documents

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20 Feb 2020

EU Plans European Rival To Google With New Data And AI Proposals

Yesterday, the EU announced plans to create a tech giant or two in Europe that would rival Google and Facebook. The EU has, over the past several months, been subjecting the two companies to anti-trust investigations in a crackdown on the companies’ policies. The EU’s plans include two policy documents

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18 Feb 2020

Three API security risks in the wake of the Facebook breach

In 2018, Facebook experienced a critical breach that was unpatched for over 20 months that resulted in the theft of 30 million authentication tokens and a similar amount of personally identifiable information. Facebook has since pledged to improve its security, but the theft of access token still represents a major

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31 Jan 2020

Facebook to Pay $550M to Settle Class Action Case Over Facial Recognition

Facebook has agreed to settle a case over the social network’s Tag Suggestions feature, agreeing to pay $550 million to Illinois users. The class-action lawsuit was filed over the use of Facebook’s face-tagging technology that collects facial recognition data without users’ consent. The company announced the settlement on Wednesday, stating

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23 Jan 2020

Facebook Crime Rises 19% as UK Tries to Police Social Media

In the UK, the government has plans to police social media. The government plans to issue sites with a new code of conduct requiring firms to protect children from viewing any content deemed to be detrimental to their wellbeing or mental health. A report published yesterday outlining the potential policies.

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10 Jan 2020

Facebook to Keep Targeted Political Ads but Give Users More Control

On Thursday, Facebook announced that it will enable users to view less political ads on its platform. While Twitter and Google are widely blocking political ads leading up the 2020 presidential election, Facebook maintained that private companies shouldn’t dictate campaign access voters.  Facebook claims that the company will be more

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09 Jan 2020

We’re fighting fake news AI bots by using more AI. That’s a mistake.

Recent fake-news scandals have revealed the prevalence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in disseminating inaccurate media. The efforts to combat AI’s pervasiveness, however, are led by AI technology. In his 2018 Congressional testimony, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg suggested that AI will be at the forefront of tackling digital propaganda.   Samuel Woolley,

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