25 Apr 2019

Facebook May Face $5 Billion FTC Fine for Data Misuse

Facebook expects that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) may slap a fine of $3 to $5 billion on the social media giant once it wraps up its investigation into the company’s data protection and privacy practices. Facebook has already reserved $3 billion to pay potential fines. While the FTC investigation

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22 Apr 2019

Three-Fourths of Consumers Don’t Trust Facebook, Threatpost Poll Finds

A recent Threatpost survey suggest that people have lost trust in Facebook as a result of the social media giant’s many privacy snafu’s over the past few years, with three out of four respondents stating that Facebook is lying about how it handles consumer data. In addition, a whopping 95%

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19 Apr 2019

Facebook admits to storing plaintext passwords for millions of Instagram user

For the second time this week, and the umpteenth time in the past 12 months, Facebook has made the news due to a massive privacy blunder. In an unwelcome sequel to a March statement by the company that it had stored between 200 million and 600 million plain text user

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18 Apr 2019

Facebook uploaded 1.5 million people’s email contacts without permission

On Wednesday, a new chapter was added to the seemingly never-ending story of Facebook privacy snafus when the social media giant admitted that the email contacts of up to 1.5 millions users were “unintentionally uploaded to Facebook when they created their account.” Ironically, the discovery was made when the company

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05 Apr 2019

Researchers unearth 74 Facebook cybercrime groups with 385,000 members

A monthslong study by Cisco Talos has identified 74 Facebook cybercrime groups with a total of 385,000 members. While some groups resembled market places for illicit goods such as payment-card information, compromised user accounts and phishing tools, others were populated by crooks ready to commit a great variety of cybercrime

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04 Apr 2019

Researchers find 540 million Facebook user records on exposed servers

Facebook this week managed to make the news again in connection with multiple data protection fiasco’s. The biggest incident is the discovery of personal data of a whopping 540 million Facebook users on an unsecured Amazon S3 storage server. Security researchers with UpGuard found the server, which belongs to a

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29 Mar 2019

In Ukraine, Russia Tests a New Facebook Tactic in Election Tampering

With the Ukrainian Presidential elections only days away, candidates are nervous about Russian interference efforts, while security officials are doing everything they can to undermine hacking and disinformation campaigns carried out by Moscow-backed hackers and trolls. Early in the campaign, Ukrainian authorities took down a Russian operation aimed at obtaining

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26 Mar 2019

Facebook Removes Fake Iranian Network Targeting Millions of Foreign Citizens

Facebook recently took down hundreds of accounts, pages, and groups that were part of propaganda networks tied to Iran, Russia, Macedonia and Kosovo, the social media giant announced on Tuesday. The biggest network of “coordinated inauthentic behavior” was linked to Iran and primarily focused on promoting narratives critical of the

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22 Mar 2019

Facebook Stored Hundreds of Millions of User Passwords in Plain Text for Years

Once again Facebook has made the headlines due to a privacy snafu. This time, it was revealed that the company stored between 200 million and 600 million plain text user account passwords for years. The oldest password archives were from 2012. The plain text passwords were accessible to over 20,000

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19 Feb 2019

‘Digital Gangsters’: UK Wants Tougher Rules for Facebook

The media committee of the UK parliament has released a report in which it claims that Facebook “intentionally and knowingly violated both data privacy and anti-competition laws,” adding that “[c]ompanies like Facebook should not be allowed to behave like ‘digital gangsters’ in the online world, considering themselves to be ahead of and

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