10 Sep 2021

Germany Investigates Russia Over Pre-Election Hacking

The federal prosecutor’s office in Germany is investigating who was responsible for hacking attempts aimed at politicians. The Foreign Ministry protested to Russia after several lawmakers and members of Parliament were targeted by phishing emails and attempts to obtain personal information. The federal prosecutor opened a preliminary investigation and cited

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20 Jul 2021

Pedro Castillo Is Declared Peru’s President-Elect

51-year-old Pedro Castille has been declared president-elect of Peru as of yesterday night amid deepening social unrest. Castillo, the head of the Marxist party, is a far-left union activist whose rise to power has shocked Peru’s political establishment. More than six weeks after ballots were cast, election officials declared Castillo’s

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13 Jul 2021

Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed wins election in landslide amid Tigray conflict and voting fraud concerns

The ruling Prosperity Party and Ethiopian Prime Minister Ably Ahmed won in the general elections Saturday, allowing Ably to remain in power for another term. The Prosperity Party is expected to take more than 410 of the 546 parliamentary seats. Ably and his administration have received criticism in the past

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22 Jun 2021

Ebrahim Raisi, ultra-conservative judiciary chief, wins Iran’s presidential vote amid historically low turnout

Ebrahim Raisi has won Iran’s presidential election amid historically low turnout. Raisi is a hardline judiciary chief with a brutal human rights record. Raisi has long opposed engagement with the West and boasts a close friendship with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Most of Raisi’s former opponents for president were

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24 Mar 2021

Netanyahu falls short of majority amid vote count

Current Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is struggling to secure enough parliamentary seats to stay in power, according to incomplete results from Tuesday’s election. With almost 90% of the votes counted, his bloc is on course to win roughly 59 seats, which is two short of the threshold needed to preserve

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17 Dec 2020

Guess which states saw the most election disinformation in 2020

The 2020 election was riddled with misinformation floating around the web and spreading rapidly through social media platforms as companies like Twitter and Facebook scrambled to add warnings to misleading posts. Although their efforts were not unfounded, there is still evidence of disinformation campaigns targeting certain groups and states. Zignal

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04 Dec 2020

Facebook failed to put fact-check labels on 60% of the most viral posts containing Georgia election misinformation

According to non-profit research group Avaaz, Facebook failed to add fact check labels to the majority of virtual posts containing misinformation about elections, particularly in Georgia, despite a multitude of promises that the company would focus on combatting fake news this election cycle. This could have swayed Georgia voters and

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05 Nov 2020

California Votes to Strengthen Privacy Laws

During this election cycle, Californians have voted to increase their state’s privacy laws, allowing consumers to have more of a say in how their data is utilized by organizations and big tech companies. The law, proposition 24, won 56% of votes this fall as Californians flocked to the polls to

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22 Oct 2020

Bill Would Hold Tech Companies Responsible When Their Algorithms Promote Extremist Content

On Tuesday, House lawmakers proposed a bill that would require tech companies to be responsible for their algorithms’ promotion or amplification of extremist content interfering with civil rights. The legislation is called the Protecting Americans from Dangerous Algorithms Act and would apply to companies with more than 50 million users,

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14 Sep 2020

Yoshihide Suga picked by Japan’s governing party to succeed Shinzo Abe

Last month, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced his resignation due to reasons of poor health. Japan’s governing party, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has elected Yoshihide Suga as its nominee for a new leader to succeed Abe, which means that he is almost certain to hold the position. Suga

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