03 Mar 2020

Exit polls: Netanyahu short of majority in Israel vote

Exit polls on Israeli TV stations have shown that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party has captured 59 seats in Monday’s vote, which is two short of the majority that constitutes a victory. The Likud party emerged as the largest party in the country’s third election in under a year,

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22 Nov 2019

Israel braces for bitter fight after Netanyahu indictment

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu’s indictment is expected to sharpen the battle lines in Israel. Netanyahu was charged with serious accusations of corruption on Thursday, dashing hopes for a unity government after September’s elections. In a speech late on Thursday, Netanyahu called the accusations an attempted coup while his

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18 Nov 2019

Sri Lanka president-elect Rajapaksa a war hero to some, a polarizing figure for others

Gotabaya Rajapaksa was elected president of Sri Lanka on Sunday, amid concerns over election security. For the majority population of Sinhalese Buddhists, Rajapaksa is well-positioned to take on the task of defeating enemies such as those responsible for the horrific Easter Sunday attacks earlier this year. However, he is accused

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05 Feb 2019

El Salvador: anti-corruption candidate Nayib Bukele wins presidential election

Running on the campaign slogan “there’s enough money when no one steals,” anti-corruption candidate Nayib Bukele, the former mayor of the capital, won the country’s presidential election by a landslide and ending 25 years of political dominance by two parties. An estimated 67,000 people in the country belong to gangs

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23 Jan 2019

European Parliament Elections in May: Europe’s most hackable election

While individual European countries have held elections in recent years since the Russian campaign on the US election in 2016, the EU is gearing up for its first election since 2014. According to one European expert, “since then [2016], we have tested national systems for the security environment as we

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26 Nov 2018

Taiwan election: China is big winner as Tsai Ing-wen’s DPP party loses

China has been named as the winner in Taiwan’s recent local elections where the ruling Democratic Progressive Party lost to the opposition party that typically favors closer economic ties with mainland China. Tensions have escalated and calmed over various issues in the past years, and the ruling party had been

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13 Nov 2018

Competing Libyan governments arrive for Italy summit after December election shelved

Nearly 8 eights since NATO-supported rebels overthrew Gadaffi, Libya is roughly split into two political entities. The western portion of the country holds the seat of a government with international recognition but little control over territory, while the east is largely controlled by various armed groups, a rival government, and

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07 Nov 2018

DHS Cyber Unit Fields False Alarms But No Hacks on Election Day

“Despite a few scares, there is no evidence of any cyberattacks against election infrastructure Tuesday, DHS officials said. As expected, federal officials spent much of the day chasing down anomalies that appeared to have a cyber angle, though all turned out to be typical malfunctions or accidents. For example, in

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07 Nov 2018

Midterms Security Watch: Quiet Election Day early sign of cyber policy success

“For months, top U.S. officials have warned that foreign countries, specifically Russia and China, have the capability to hack the American midterm elections. Fifth Domain is live-blogging election security updates before, during and after the Nov. 6 vote, following the efforts of the Department of Homeland Security and others to

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01 Nov 2018

Military Cyber Teams On Standby For Elections

“The Homeland Security and Defense Departments don’t expect a significant cyber attack on next week’s elections. But both agencies are eager to avoid a repeat of 2016, so just in case, military Cyber Protection Teams are on standby and able to respond ‘within hours,’ a senior Pentagon official told reporters.

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