31 Dec 2018

Egypt Kills 40 Suspected Militants After Deadly Bombing of Tour Bus

“Egyptian security forces killed at least 40 people suspected of being militants in North Sinai and Giza, officials said on Saturday, a day after an explosion hit a tour bus, leaving four people dead and 10 others wounded. The Ministry of Interior did not explicitly link the killing of the

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04 Dec 2018

Reuters Special Report: How Iran spreads disinformation around the world

Media website Nile Net Online portrays itself as the purveyor of “true news”…to expand the scope of freedom of expression in the Arab World” from supposed offices in Cairo. With over 115,000 followers between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it had a significant reach. The contact and geographical information listed on

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20 Nov 2018

Dozens of human rights activists, lawyers arrested by Egypt: HRW

In the past 30 days, more than 40 lawyers, human rights advocates, and political activists have been arrested and held by Egyptian authorities, according to NGO Human Rights Watch. According to HRW statements and spokespersons, “Many of those arrested were people who provided humanitarian and legal support to families of

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25 Sep 2018

Muslim Brotherhood chief, 65 others get life for Egypt attack

The political fallout from the 2013 coup d’état in Egypt continues as different courts continue to mete out and overturn sentences. Most recently, 66 people connected to the the previous government and an attack on a police station, including Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie, have been re-sentenced to life in

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10 Sep 2018

US to release $1.2 billion in military aid to Egypt

U.S. suspended military aid to Egypt in August 2017 under former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, citing Egypt’s ongoing human rights abuses. Egypt and the country have been close partners for decades, with the U.S. providing around $80 billion in military and economic support over 30 years, and the suspension

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05 Sep 2018

Egypt’s Sisi intensifies control over cybersphere

Egypt has increased the policing of cyberspace through a new law ratified over the weekend that permits prosecution for a umber of new “vaguely-defined” offenses. The new law only applies to users to 5,000 or more followers and subjects them to liability and censorship for sharing “fake news,” incitement of

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02 Aug 2018

France seeking to boost autonomy from U.S. in its defense exports sector

France relies on a number of U.S. parts for its construction of many defense exports. Recently, U.S. withholding of clearance for a component necessary for a French fighter jet delivery to Egypt has prevented the sale and is encouraging France to explore alternative sources for these parts. As France seeks

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30 Jul 2018

US bids to revive ′Arab NATO′ alliance as part of measures against Iran

The Trump administration is working to promote a “Middle East Strategic Alliance (MESA)” comprised of the six Gulf Arab states plus Egypt and Jordan that would “serve as a bulwark against Iranian aggression, terrorism, extremism, and…bring stability to the Middle East,” according to a National Security Council spokesperson. Saudi Arabia

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26 Jul 2018

US announces release of $195M in suspended military aid to Egypt

The U.S. announced the release of $195 million in military aid to Egypt after having withheld it in 2017 due to ongoing human rights violations. The U.S. expressed continued concern, but said that Egypt has taken sufficient responses to specific U.S. concerns to permit the release of military aid. The

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30 May 2018

Israel-Gaza border falls quiet after Egypt brokers ceasefire

“The Israel-Gaza border fell quiet on Wednesday under an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire after the most intense flareup of hostilities between Palestinian militants and Israel since a 2014 war. Militants from Hamas, the dominant group in Gaza, and Islamic Jihad fired dozens of rockets and mortar bombs at Israel throughout Tuesday and

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