30 Jul 2018

US bids to revive ′Arab NATO′ alliance as part of measures against Iran

The Trump administration is working to promote a “Middle East Strategic Alliance (MESA)” comprised of the six Gulf Arab states plus Egypt and Jordan that would “serve as a bulwark against Iranian aggression, terrorism, extremism, and…bring stability to the Middle East,” according to a National Security Council spokesperson. Saudi Arabia

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26 Jul 2018

US announces release of $195M in suspended military aid to Egypt

The U.S. announced the release of $195 million in military aid to Egypt after having withheld it in 2017 due to ongoing human rights violations. The U.S. expressed continued concern, but said that Egypt has taken sufficient responses to specific U.S. concerns to permit the release of military aid. The

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30 May 2018

Israel-Gaza border falls quiet after Egypt brokers ceasefire

“The Israel-Gaza border fell quiet on Wednesday under an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire after the most intense flareup of hostilities between Palestinian militants and Israel since a 2014 war. Militants from Hamas, the dominant group in Gaza, and Islamic Jihad fired dozens of rockets and mortar bombs at Israel throughout Tuesday and

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02 Oct 2013

Football and the Illusive Stability of Coalition Governments in the MENA States

An Arab Spring political cycle is emerging. Single-party domination gives way to multi-party democracy which crumbles back into single-party domination. Football: An Introductory Anecdote Sitting with a group of western-educated, politically active Tunisians at a restaurant in Tunis, I commented on my surprise at the absence of soccer-playing children. I

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01 Feb 2012

Egyptian official: 73 dead, hundreds injured in riots after soccer game

“At least 73 people were killed when fans rushed the field and rioted after a soccer game in Egypt Wednesday, a health ministry spokesman said. At least 1,000 people were injured in the clashes — 150 of them critically — spokesman Dr. Hisham Shiha said. Most of them had concussions

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02 Nov 2010

Egypt beefs up security after al-Qaida threat

“Egyptian police on Tuesday beefed up security measures for a Coptic festival being held in the ancient city of Luxor after a recent al-Qaida threat to Christians in the Middle East, a security official said. The measures came after the deadly attack on a Catholic church in Baghdad that killed

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12 May 2010

Egypt extends emergency rule

“Egypt’s parliament Tuesday extended the nation’s emergency law, limiting its scope but drawing condemnation from dissidents and human rights groups who say the legislation will not stop police from arresting opposition leaders and democracy activists. Parliament approved the law while opponents protested outside amid rows of riot police. The government

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