04 Aug 2021

Three people killed and eight seriously injured in Czech train crash

Three people have died and eight others seriously injured in a train crash in the Czech Republic. The train was traveling from Munich to Prague at the time of the accident, which consisted of the express train running through a stop signal and colliding with a local commuter train. Several

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08 Apr 2021

European court backs mandatory pre-school jabs

In a landmark ruling earlier this week, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) backed a Czech Republic decision for requiring mandatory pre-school vaccinations. The case was brought up by families who were fined or whose children were not allowed to return to pre-schools because they had not been vaccinated.

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10 Mar 2021

Covid wave intensifies in Central Europe

In Central Europe, the Covid-19 pandemic has progressed in several countries that are now struggling to cope with high numbers of cases and overcrowding at hospitals. In the Czech Republic, the number of patients in intensive care has reached a new high, prompting the country to send its first patient

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12 Nov 2020

Czech Intel Report Targets Russian, Chinese Spies

A recent report published by the Czech Republic’s chief intelligence agency, the Security Information Service (BIS) claims that Russian and Chinese spies have been executing cyberattacks, seeking to steal valuable information. The Czech Republic alleges that the operations pose an imminent threat to their national security. The report also details

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16 Mar 2020

Czech hospital hit by cyberattack while in the midst of a COVID-19 outbreak

In Brno, Czech Republic, a major hospital has been hit by a mysterious cyberattack amidst a COVID-19 outbreak that is beginning to spread across the European country. The hospital, Brno University Hospital, stated that the incident postponed urgent surgical interventions. The cybersecurity incident also re-routed new acute patients to a

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11 Dec 2019

Tens of thousands of Czechs call on prime minister to resign

Tens of thousands of Czech citizens took to the streets of Prague to urge the current Prime Minister Andrej Babis to resign from his role in the government. The protest, which took place on Tuesday, follows huge rallies earlier this year in which the number of protestors may have reached

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27 Nov 2019

Czech Intel Report Highlights Russian, Chinese Spying

A new report by the Czech intelligence service (BIS) states that “Russian and Chinese intelligence activities affected the sectors of politics, diplomacy, espionage, economy and information struggle” last year, and accuses Russia in particular of carrying out cyber operations “to manipulate the decision-making process and individuals responsible for decision-making.” The

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23 Oct 2019

Czech authorities dismantle alleged Russian cyber-espionage network

In late 2018, Czech law enforcement took down a Russian cyber espionage network set up by Russia’s intelligence agency (the FSB) and Russia’s embassy in Prague, the Czech government announced earlier this week. Russian spies had established a number of hardware and software firms in the country and used the

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15 Aug 2019

Foreign power was behind cyber attack on Czech ministry: Senate

In June of this year, the Czech Foreign Ministry suffered a cyberattack that originated in Russia, a Czech newspaper reported earlier this week. On Tuesday, the Czech Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security acknowledged that a recent cyberattack on the Foreign Ministry was the work of a foreign

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27 Nov 2018

Czech Republic to boost spending on land weapons in 2019

Czech Defence Minister Lubomir Metnar has announced the country’s plans to expand purchases for infantry fighting vehicles, helicopters, mobile air defense radars, and other systems as part of a broader effort to update its military’s inventory and replace older Russian weapons with more modern ones made locally and by its

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