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Czech Intel Report Targets Russian, Chinese Spies

A recent report published by the Czech Republic’s chief intelligence agency, the Security Information Service (BIS) claims that Russian and Chinese spies have been executing cyberattacks, seeking to steal valuable information. The Czech Republic alleges that the operations pose an imminent threat to their national security. The report also details the difference in each country’s goals when conducting cyber espionage or hacking, stating that China aims to steal information to build a Sinocentric global community whereas Russia seeks to destabilize.

The Czech Republic has a long history with Russian intelligence, as Russian spies under diplomatic covers secretly promoted Russia’s interests and attempted to bolster the country’s reputation within the Czech Republic. On the other hand, the Czech Republic claims that Chinese spies were harboring false titles such as parading as journalists, scientists, and other professions to obtain access to sensitive information. The BIS report claims that the tech, military, security, health, and economic sectors were targeted extensively.

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