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Czech Intel Report Highlights Russian, Chinese Spying

A new report by the Czech intelligence service (BIS) states that “Russian and Chinese intelligence activities affected the sectors of politics, diplomacy, espionage, economy and information struggle” last year, and accuses Russia in particular of carrying out cyber operations “to manipulate the decision-making process and individuals responsible for decision-making.”

The BIS believes that Russia carried out a cyberattack on the Czech foreign ministry’s non-classified computer network, while Chinese hackers conducted a cyber espionage operation that targeted this same network with malware. The Russian state-backed hacking group ATP28 is believed to have carried out a malware campaign targeting Czech soldiers.

Last month, the Czech government announced that in late 2018, Czech law enforcement took down a Russian cyber espionage network set up by Russia’s intelligence agency (the FSB) and Russia’s embassy in Prague.

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