07 Apr 2022

Chinese hackers launch cyberattacks against Ukraine amid war

Hacker groups believed linked to China have launched cyberattacks against Ukraine following Russia’s invasion, according to U.S. security companies. The groups may be trying to gather information on Ukrainian refugees, including the families of Ukrainian dignitaries. Experts say it is still unclear whether the groups support Russia. On March 22, CERT-UA — Ukraine’s

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04 Apr 2022

China accused of cyber-attacks on Ukraine before Russian invasion

China launched cyber-attacks on Ukrainian military and nuclear targets shortly before the Russian invasion, according to a report. The UK government confirmed that the National Cyber Security Centre was investigating the allegations, which claim that more than 600 websites, including Ukraine’s defence ministry, were subjected to thousands of hacking attempts

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01 Apr 2022

Russia Inches Toward Its Splinternet Dream

Just a few weeks ago, Russian Twitter users noticed that they were unable to access the platform. An internet blackout subsequently occurred, leading security professionals to believe that Russia is getting closer to achieving its splinternet goal. Creating a splinternet would effectively detach the country from the rest of the

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30 Mar 2022

China Keeps U.S. Cyber Operations in the News

In March 2022, the Chinese cybersecurity company Pangu Lab attributed cyber espionage targeting Chinese organization to the United States’ premier signals intelligence agency. The Chinese company Qihoo 360 had done this in 2020 when it attributed hostile cyber activity to the Central Intelligence Agency (APT-C-39). In the past, Beijing appeared

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29 Mar 2022

Global Crypto and Digital Currency Initiatives: China

We continue with our brief survey of crypto and digital currency initiatives from around the globe, all of which are officially sanctioned to enhance national competitive advantage (in the event crypto overtakes the US dollar as the global reserve currency). In previous posts, we provided an analysis of crypto and digital currency initiatives in El Salvador, Panama, Ukraine, India, Argentina, and Russia. Most recently, we provided an analysis of the major central bank digital currency (CBDC) initiative in the U.S., Project Hamilton, which is a technical collaboration between the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and The MIT Digital Currency Initiative. 

We now set our sights on China, a country that has a markedly different policy approach to the global ascendance of bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and CBDC.

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28 Mar 2022

Russia and China ‘most likely’ behind state-sponsored cyber threats: Trellix

State-sponsored cyber attacks have been increasing— and Russia and China are among the most likely suspects of being behind these successful cyberattacks that resulted in data loss, service disruption, and industrial espionage, said a new report published by Trellix, a cybersecurity company and the Center for Strategic and International Studies

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22 Mar 2022

China Eastern: Plane carrying 132 people crashes in Guangxi hills

A China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 crashed into a forested hillside in southern China carrying 132 people on board. The passenger plane was flying from Kunming to Guangzhou and plunged to the earth in Guangxi province and caught fire. The number of casualties and reason for the crash are still

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18 Mar 2022

China’s President Xi Jinping vows to ‘minimize’ the economic impact of Covid spike

The President of China has signaled that his focus is on containing the collateral damage of the resurgence of COVID-19 in China. His focus is on the economic and social development of the country.  The surge in China is the biggest surge since the first outbreak in 2020. Stringent measures

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14 Mar 2022

Ukraine crisis: US warns China against helping Russia

The US has warned China that they will face consequences if they help Russia evade sanctions due to the invasion of Ukraine. It was reported by unnamed US officials to news outlets that Russia asked China to provide military assistance in the invasion. The foreign ministry of China did not

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12 Mar 2022

What The C-Suite Needs To Know About The Annual Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community

Every year the US intelligence community produces a succinct report designed to provide a high level overview of threats. This is issued to coincide with testimony by the Director of National Intelligence and the biggest agencies of the IC, CIA, DIA, NSA and FBI.

This year’s report follows a theme that the world is growing in complexity and uncertainty. This complexity and uncertainty occurs in an interconnected world where great power competition is clearly underway.

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