18 Sep 2019

Australia concluded China was behind hack on parliament, political parties – sources  

In March of this year, Australia’s cyber intelligence agency – the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) – concluded that China was behind a February cyberattack targeting the computer network of the Australian parliament, insiders have told Reuters. However, a secret report by the ASD and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs

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17 Sep 2019

US Huawei problem goes far beyond trade, security official says

In a presentation at the multilateral action on sensitive technologies (MAST) conference, US State Department official Ashley Ford last week outlined why the US government’s security worries about Huawei go way beyond the ongoing trade war between the US and China. In May of this year, US President Donald Trump

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12 Sep 2019

China urges US to take steps to ensure North Korea talks resume

China wants the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) “in due course” to consider reversing some of the sanctions on North Korea to help the country “alleviate the difficulties brought to the economy and people’s livelihoods by the sanctions,” Chinese State Councillor Wang Yi said on Thursday. Wang expressed hope that

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10 Sep 2019

Public Exposure Does Little to Slow China-Based Thrip APT

Symantec warns that in the past year, Chinese cyber-espionage group Thrip has launched successful campaigns against no less than 12 military, telecom and satellite organizations across Southeast Asia. Evidently, a 2018 report by Symantec detailing Thrip’s activities has done little to deter the group. Thrip has adopted new malware in

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09 Sep 2019

Apple: Security Report on iPhone Hack Created ‘False Impression’

Apple on Friday slammed a recent Google report claiming that threat actors may have hacked into thousands of iPhones via an “indiscriminate” years-long campaign involving a number of malicious websites. According to Google, merely visiting one of the websites could have resulted in device exploitation along five different attack chains

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06 Sep 2019

China Set Traps To Capture Dangerous NSA Cyberattack Weapons: New Report

A new report by Check Point indicates that Chinese state-backed hackers set deliberate traps to steal the NSA-linked cyber weapons that were leaked by the mysterious Shadow Brokers group in 2017. Earlier this year, Symantec already found evidence that Chinese cyber espionage group Buckeye (aka APT3, UPS Team, Gothic Panda,

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05 Sep 2019

Huawei accuses US of cyber-attacks and threats to staff

Huawei on Tuesday accused the US government of carrying out cyberattacks on the firm’s networks and of unlawfully detaining and threatening its staff members. The Chinese tech giant did not provide evidence to support its claims, but stated that it “strongly condemn[s] the malign, concerted effort by the US government

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03 Sep 2019

China’s Social Credit System Raises Data Security Fears

Companies doing business in China should review their compliance efforts as well as risks to their data in the context of China’s Corporate Social Credit System (SCS), a new study[pdf] by the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China concludes. The Corporate SCS is a new system that will mandate companies

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02 Sep 2019

Report: China behind iPhone hacking, targeted Android and Windows too

China was behind the years-long campaign targeting iPhone users that was recently uncovered by Google researchers, two separate reports claim. Last week, Google published a report about the campaign, which targeted users via a number of malicious websites. Merely visiting one of those sites could result in a user having

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02 Sep 2019

Huawei signs deal to develop 5G in Russia, on sidelines of meeting between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin

Huawei has agreed to handle “the development of 5G technologies and the pilot launch of fifth-generation networks in 2019-2020” in Russia. The Chinese tech giant, which was blacklisted by the US government earlier this year over security concerns, signed a contract with Russian mobile network operator MTS on the sidelines

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