25 Jan 2023

Chinese Cellular IoT technology: Understanding and mitigating the threat

CCP support for Russia, its behaviour in the Taiwan Straits and the South China Sea, its repudiation of universal values in the infamous “document no 9” and demonstration of that disregard in Hong Kong and Xinjiang should convince our policy makers that if the CCP does not represent a hostile power now, it is likely to in future. Therefore, with cellular IoT modules, it is a question of identifying the vulnerabilities and taking measures to close them off.

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25 Jan 2023

How China could legalize crypto in its efforts to tax cryptocurrency firms and individuals

Chinese journalist Colin Wu reported Chinese authorities’ efforts to tax cryptocurrency firms and individuals. Experts believe that in an attempt to control the collection of crypto taxes, China could legalize crypto. Colin Wu reported that local tax authorities in China have begun imposing a 20% personal income tax on the

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24 Jan 2023

Chinese Cellular IoT technology: An analysis examining two companies

The relationships between Chinese technology companies that are the suppliers of IoT devices and the companies that are the suppliers of the cellular modules that enable them is key. Often conversation on risk associated with Chinese companies exporting technology globally focuses on the visible companies, overlooking the many others that sit within their supply chains.

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23 Jan 2023

Chinese Cellular IoT technology: An analysis of threats and mitigation measures

Free and open nations have woken up to the threat posed by Chinese involvement in their 5G telecommunications and to the importance of maintaining the lead in semiconductors. There is less awareness of the risks incurred by using Chinese cellular IoT technology. In the longer term the risk posed by the pervasive presence of Chinese cellular IoT modules in our systems and processes poses a greater threat than does relying upon Chinese companies for 5G.

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17 Jan 2023

The Fusion of Special and Cyber Forces Makes Sense

There is increasing focus for U.S. Cyber Command (CYBERCOM) to try and replicate the ability of the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) – the unified combatant command with the mission of overseeing the special operations elements in the U.S. Armed Services – to bring capabilities directly into the battlespace.  At a recent meeting, the chief of CYBEROM is quoted as saying that the command is “trying to build our authorities much in the same way Special Operations Command did this.”  Indeed, per Politico, an unnamed Congressional aide confirmed that CYBERCOM’s evolution has been modeled on the same “legislative techniques” used for SOCOM.  The concept sounds reasonable, particularly as the conflicts being fought are moving to more agile, and quick operations.

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11 Jan 2023

A Global Recession Will Ramp Up Chinese Economic Cyber Espionage

China’s economic aspirations are well known, and some experts believe China is in a rush to decouple itself from the U.S. economy, as it seeks its continued rise shifting focus from “economic growth to economic control.”  To achieve this end, China needs to separate its reliance on foreign technology by creating an indigenous alternative that is globally competitive. Indeed, Chinese president Xi has stressed the need for China to be innovative and has directed investment in technologies like chip making to help it along this course.  But China’s progress in technology has not come solely from indigenous ingenuity but has relied on a rampant espionage apparatus to steal sensitive research and intellectual property to drive its successes. 

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10 Jan 2023

Chinese military stages large-scale military exercises around Taiwan

28 warplanes were sent across the median line of the Taiwan Strait by China on Sunday. This was the first large-scale military exercise of the year around the island.. The planes were among 57 others spotted near Taiwan, including J-10, J-11, J-16 and Su-30 fighters. H-6 bombers, drones and an

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06 Jan 2023

China to open border with Hong Kong after three years of tight control

On Thursday it was announced that the Chinese government will reopen its border with Hong Kong on January 8, 2023. The border has been largely shut for the past three years in an effort to stop the spread of Covid-19. Up to 60,000 Hong Kong residents will be allowed to

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04 Jan 2023

EU Set to Impose Coordinated Controls on Travelers From China

The European Union member states have begun planning for the implementation of coordinated controls on passengers arriving from China. This could include mandatory pre-travel testing to avoid consequences of China’s sudden reversal of its zero-Covid policy. The decision will likely be finalized on Wednesday and would follow in the path

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30 Dec 2022

China to launch national exchange for trading NFT-like digital assets despite cryptocurrency bans

China is introducing a “digital asset trading platform” to facilitate transactions of intellectual property and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), known as digital collectibles in the country, where cryptocurrencies are banned. A launch ceremony will be held on January 1, according to state media China Daily. The platform is co-developed by China

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