03 Aug 2022

Bangladesh turns to ADB, World Bank for funds

The government of Bangladesh has sought assistance from both the World Bank and Asian Development Bank to increase its foreign exchange reserves. The government wrote letters to both entities requesting $1 billion to help the economy. The economy in Bangladesh has been struggling since the effects of the war in

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26 Jul 2022

Bangladesh seeks $4.5bn IMF loan as forex reserves shrink

Bangladesh joined its South Asian neighbors Pakistan and Sri Lanka in seeking help with the increasing pressure on their economies. Bangladesh has requested a $4.5bn loan from the International Monetary Fund for balance of payments and budgetary needs, along with efforts to address climate change.  The Finance Minister A H

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29 Jun 2022

7 million in Bangladesh need aid after ‘worst floods in memory,’ Red Cross says

Over 7 million people in Bangladesh need shelter and emergency relief after some of the worst flooding to hit South Asia in living memory. The floods have caused hundreds of thousands of homes near the Bangladesh border with India to be underwater and in some areas, entire neighborhoods are submerged. 

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20 Jun 2022

Dozens killed and millions stranded by India and Bangladesh floods

At least 59 people have died in lighting strikes or landslides caused by the severe monsoon storms in India and Bangladesh. Millions of people have been stranded and emergency workers are struggling to reach those in trouble. The flooding is expected to get worse over the next few days.  Bangladesh

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10 Jan 2022

Fire destroys hundreds of homes in Bangladesh Rohingya refugee camp

On Sunday, a fire swept through a Rohingya refugee camp in southeastern Bangladesh. The fire destroyed hundreds of homes but there were no reports of casualties immediately. The fire hit Camp 16 in Cox’s Bazar. This border district has almost a million Rohingya refugees living there after fleeing a military

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30 Sep 2021

Rohingya Civil-Rights Leader Mohib Ullah Killed in Bangladesh

Mohib Ullah, a leader of the Rohingya Muslim community, has been shot and killed by unidentified gunmen in a refugee camp in Bangladesh. His murder has prompted calls from rights advocates for an investigation into the attack. Ullah was 48 years old and among the most high-profile advocates for the

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26 Mar 2021

Anger in Bangladesh as India’s Modi attends 50th Independence Day

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Bangladesh to celebrate its Golden Jubilee celebrations of independence. The visit has sparked violent protests that were dispersed by police intervention with tear gas and rubber bullets. Clashes broke out between groups of demonstrators on Friday at Dhaka’s main mosque.  Dhaka’s Baitul Mokarram mosque was

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26 Feb 2021

Anger in Bangladesh over dissident writer’s death in prison

Mushtaq Ahmed was arrested last year under the Digital Security Act in Bangladesh. Ahmed, 53, died on Thursday in the Kashimpur jail, 32 kilometers from the capital Dhaka. Widespread anger has broken out after the dissident writer’s death and the cause of death is not clear. Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan

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14 Jan 2021

A Rohingya Camp Fire Leaves Hundreds Homeless

The Rohingya camp in the Cox’s Bazar area of Bangladesh saw a large fire tear through the area on Thursday. Hundreds of shelters were destroyed and displaced Muslim refugees into the winter cold. The blaze did not cause any casualties, however, it left hundreds of people without homes. Bangladesh is

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19 May 2020

Amphan: India and Bangladesh evacuate millions ahead of super cyclone

Millions are currently being evacuated from India and Bangladesh as a super cyclone approaches the land from the Bay of Bengal. The storm, named Cyclone Amphan, is expected to hit the land near the two countries’ border on Wednesday. According to officials, more than 20 relief teams have been deployed

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