02 Jan 2019

Bangladesh’s economic gains marred by plunge into autocratic rule

“Ever since Bangladesh became an independent state in 1971, its political life has suffered several types of seemingly endemic conflict, some of it associated with periodic outbursts of violence or prolonged and relatively low-key armed confrontations. Currently, Bangladesh has an ‘abnormal crisis’ – political violence and widespread harassment of opponents

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06 Aug 2018

Bangladesh violence: Armed men attack US envoy’s cars amid protests

The US envoy to Bangladesh was attacked by armed men during protests in the capital of Dhaka on Saturday. The ambassador escaped the area, but two vehicles were damaged. Bangladesh has seen a week of protests for safer roads after two children were killed by a bus. Protestors have been

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31 May 2018

Over 100 dead, 9,000 arrested in Bangladesh’s recently-declared ‘war on drugs’

“Bangladesh has launched a war on drugs, Philippine style, albeit on a somewhat smaller scale. The Bangladesh Chronicle website reported on May 30 that 112 drug suspects have been gunned down by the police in just a little over two weeks. Another 9,000 drug suspects have been arrested since the

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