04 Nov 2020

Argentina’s President Struggles to Avert Economic Crash

Last year, Argentinian President Alberto Fernandez was elected to lift the country out of a harmful and devastating economic recession. Now, the economy is facing a surmounting crisis as COVID-19 threatens economic stability across the world. The Argentine government is struggling to create an economic plan while managing a leftist

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13 Oct 2020

Live facial recognition is tracking kids suspected of being criminals in Buenos Aires

In Argentina, an extensive facial recognition tracking minors suspected of being criminals has been uncovered, with security professionals calling it the first of its kind. Tens of thousands of entries and targets contain personal details such as names, birthdays, national IDs of minors suspected of crimes. The youngest alleged offender

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31 Jan 2019

China’s military-run space station in Argentina is a ‘black box’

Although the initial agreement included the building of a visitors’ center, a decade later, the program is complete and the facility in the Argentinian desert is surrounded by tall barbed wire fences with access to outsiders by appointment only. The site does not employ any locals or non-Chinese workers. While

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28 Dec 2018

Latin America grapples with migrant exodus that looks set to worsen in 2019

“About 3.3 million people have fled Venezuela since 2015 and the United Nations estimates about two million more, from a population of 32 million, could follow in 2019. Every day, about 5,000 Venezuelans leave home, according to the United Nations, in one of the biggest exodus of people in modern

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29 Nov 2018

Argentina prosecutor takes on case against Mohammed bin Salman

Following a Human Rights Watch document arguing for its permissibility under the Argentinian legal system, Argentine authorities are exploring prosecution options against Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman for war crimes or crimes against humanity for Saudi Arabia’s actions in Yemen and regarding the killing of Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey. The

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31 Aug 2018

Argentina Raises Rates, as Emerging Markets Turbulence Spreads

“Investors for weeks have been anxious that problems in developing economies could lead to broader trouble in financial markets. Turmoil in Turkey has been the most frequent cause for concern. The jitters intensified on Thursday, yet the catalyst was not Turkey but Argentina — a sign that the array of

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17 Aug 2018

Nine planes grounded by bomb threats in South America: Chilean authorities

Nine planes in Chili, Argentina, and Peru were grounded on Thursday due to bomb threats made to Chile’s civil aviation authority. All of the planes have since been investigated and found to be free of explosives.  Source: Nine planes grounded by bomb threats in South America: Chilean authorities | Reuters

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