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Argentina found guilty of massacre of Qom and Moqoit people

In a landmark criminal trial in Argentina, the state has been found guilty of the massacre of over 400 indigenous people almost 100 years ago. In 1924, authorities shot and killed Qom and Moqoit communities who were protesting inhumane conditions working and living on a cotton plantation.

Responsibility of the attack had never been acknowledged until now. A judge ordered the historical reparations to be awarded to the communities. The Qom and Moqoit people were underfed, denied the freedom of movement, taxed for the cotton they harvested, and paid with vouchers according to court documents. Survivor accounts showed children and elderly people were among those who died in the massacre and those who were wounded were killed as well in inhumane ways. The attack has previously been ruled a crime against humanity, however, this was the first criminal trial to be held. A guilty verdict was delivered on Thursday. The massacre is being added to Argentina’s school syllabus and forensic efforts must continue to find the victim’s remains. 

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