13 Aug 2018

Don’t Let China Snag Another Foreign Port, Senators Warn

“A bipartisan group of senators is calling on the Trump administration to counter China’s economic expansion as the lawmakers fear that Beijing plans to leverage its foreign investments and lending for infrastructure projects into strategic military footholds. Georgia Republican David Perdue, along with 15 other senators, raised the issue in

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13 Aug 2018

Russia, Iran and other states agree on Caspian Sea access

Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan have resolved a disagreement that lasted since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The countries reached a decision on the status of the Caspian Sea, giving it a special status that mixes legal parameters for both sea and lake regulations. The agreement, which Putin

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08 Aug 2018

US Navy’s Top Admiral Cites Increased Threat in Atlantic

“Chinese military vessels are now operating in the Northern Atlantic, and Russian submarines are prowling those same waters at a pace not seen since the end of the Cold War, the Navy’s top admiral told VOA in an exclusive interview. Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson said China’s military

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03 Aug 2018

Court ruling could block China from key US military port in Africa

A court ruling could prevent Chinese access from a Djibouti port that provides access to Camp Lemonnier, home to most of the 6,500 U.S. troops in Africa. The Djiboutian govern seized the port in February from its commercial owner, and the country would likely have opened access to China, to

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02 Aug 2018

Iran preparing major naval operation in Persian Gulf, officials say

Iran is preparing for a major drill in the Persian Gulf that may demonstrate its ability to restrict passage through the Strait of Hormuz, one of the world’s most important energy supply chain choke points. 20% of all oil internationally-traded oil passes through the strait, and it has been the

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01 Aug 2018

U.S. Navy dolphins hunt mines during exercise

The U.S. Navy uses both dolphins and sea lions to detect mines, lost objects, and enemy swimmers. Its force of dolphins, it’s “Mark 7 Marine Mammal Systems,” were recently part of a multinational naval exercise, where they locate and mark mines, which are in turn disposed of my human personnel. 

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23 Jul 2018

Colombia to salvage Spanish galleon while fighting over $4-$17 billion treasure in its hold

Today, Colombia is announcing companies eligible to recover the contents of a 310-year-old shipwreck with an estimated $4-$17 billion of gold, silver, and emeralds in its hold. Recovery of this wreck has been a many-year legal process with major fighting around who has the legal right to the treasure.  Source:

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12 Jul 2018

Russian Special Forces just practiced invading an island near Finland

In the most recent example of declining relations between Russia and Finland (and other neighboring states), Russia staged an island invasion drill on an island within 24 miles from a Finnish city. These public drills have pushed Finland to increase defense spending and preparedness, with a 2017 defense reporting writing

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09 Jul 2018

North Korea Submarine Development Signals Increased Nuclear Threat

In the midst of negative language from North Korea following the US Secretary of State’s visit to the country, South Korean military intelligence has shared that North Korea may be developing new nuclear submarines able to launch nuclear missiles. Such developments would further complicate U.S. efforts to denuclearize the peninsula

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06 Jul 2018

U.S. Vow To Protect Persian Gulf Trade Routes From Iran

The U.S. has restated its commitment to maintaining open waterways in the Persian Gulf, following an implicit Iranian threat to block the route if the U.S. continues in its efforts to prevent its allies from importing Iranian oil. The waterway is an important channel of free navigation, and is used

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