14 Nov 2022

China’s Port Expansion a Security Risk

China has made major investments in developing a global port infrastructure that will help with commercial and military operations. More than 27% of global container trade last year passed through terminals in which leading China- and Hong Kong-based firms held direct stakes and Chinese investments continue to accelerate. Full Story

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08 Jul 2019

Update: What The Most Recent Russian Submarine Incident May Mean For Business

On 1 July 2019, 14 Russian sailors died in a mysterious incident onboard a very special submarine that is designed to collect intelligence for Russia. While the Russian press reported the deaths, few details were provided. It is known, however, that the submarine is a very unique one. It is

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23 Apr 2019

Iran says ready for U.S. waivers end, as Guards threaten to shut Hormuz

Iran on Monday said that it is prepared for the effects of US President Trump’s recent decision to stop issuing waivers for the largest importers of Iranian oil. Due to the US move, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, China and India will be in violation of US sanctions if they continue

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13 Mar 2019

Iran warns of firm response if Israel acts against its oil shipments

One week after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that the country’s navy may take action against Iranian oil “smuggling” efforts that violate US sanctions, the Iranian government stated that the country was ready to “firmly respond” to Israeli naval action against Iranian shipping lines. Iran’s ability to export oil

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22 Feb 2019

The Cyber Threat Analysis Report Volume 1, Edition 1

OODA Network Expert Michael Tanji provides insightful analysis of the most recent and significant cyber news.

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06 Feb 2019

Coast Guard seizes 17 tons of cocaine in eastern Pacific over 3 months

The U.S. Coast Guard seized around 35,000 pounds of cocaine during operations in the eastern Pacific Ocean over a three month period. The drugs, confiscated from 21 different fishing and speed boats off the coasts of South America, Central America, and Mexico, originated mostly in Colombia and were destined for

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06 Feb 2019

Russian Navy has new weapon that makes targets hallucinate, vomit

According to the Russian state news agency RIA Novosti, the Russian Navy has developed, tested, and deployed a new weapon that disrupts vision and can cause hallucinations and vomiting. The weapon, already installed on two Russian warships, reportedly functions by aiming a strobe-like beam of light at a target, reducing

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04 Feb 2019

Chinese scientists make progress on nuclear submarine communication

In their early days, submarines were isolated from centralized command centers. Communications capabilities connecting them to command-and-control systems have made consistent improvements and, most recently, China has used inductive coupling and underwater acoustic communication technologies to boost real-time high-capacity data sharing between deep ocean transponders and satellite systems. One scientist

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30 Jan 2019

Migrant crisis continues: UN says six die every day in Mediterranean crossings

A new UN report estimates that an average of six migrants per day die attempting the Mediterranean crossing to Europe. While the overall number of deaths has declined along with the number of people making crossing attempts, the death rate has spiked dramatically from 1 death out of every 38

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29 Jan 2019

Fractures opening across democratic Northeast Asia defense front

While some might assume that coordination over the issues of China and North Korea would bring Japan and South Korea together, longstanding disagreements are threatening the country’s bilateral and regional relationships. While the two countries share many cultural, economic, and political values, disagreements extend across sectors from security and territorial

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