13 May 2005

Terror Web Watch for May 13, 2005

Item 1: Jihadists issue their own “Security Report” for their operations in Pakistan Item 2: From the manuals of al-Qaeda trainer Abu Musab al-Suri: “Presenting the Soldiers with the Method of the Remote Control” Item 3: Power point presentation on constructing IEDs and car bombs posted on Jihadist website. Item

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06 May 2005

Terror Web Watch for May 6, 2005

Item 1: Iraqi insurgent videos available: A sniper takes down coalition soldiers; the Islamic Army in Iraq (Country Profile) releases a lengthy propaganda video. Item 2: “Biological Weapons” from the training site of terrorist Abu Musab al-Suri. Item 3: Threats against Sweden (County Profile) appear in the wake of

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29 Apr 2005

Terror Web Watch for April 29, 2005

Item 1: News reports of the announcement of the death Osama bin Laden on a Jihadist website based on false information. Item 2: Zarqawi reads aloud to the Mujahideen from The Washington Post. Item 3: Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula resumes publication of “Sawt al-Jihad.” Item 4: Detailed manual on

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22 Apr 2005

Terror Web Watch for April 22 2005

Item 1: Plans continue regarding how to establish al-Qaeda in Israel and the Palestinian territories. Item 2: Al-Qaeda in the Land of the Two Rivers announces that the “Triangle of Death” is coming to British troops in the south of Iraq. Item 3: Al-Qaeda ideologue publishes book urging operations

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15 Apr 2005

Terror Web Watch for April 15, 2005

Item 1: Extracting explosive material from air-borne missiles and land mines Item 2: Preparing Explosive Charges Item 3: Explosives Available on Foreign Markets The Terror Web Watch collects intelligence through active monitoring of Jihadist and other threat group web sites, forums, and other communication environments. Terrorists and their supporters

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08 Apr 2005

Terror Web Watch for April 8 2005

Item 1: “Relying on Violence,” chapter four of al-Qaeda (Group Profile)’s new book Managing Savagery. Item 2: Global Islamic Media reports on clashes with Saudi security forces that killed crucial leaders of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Item 3: Al-Qaeda in the Land of the Two Rivers (Group Profile) announces

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28 Apr 2004

Terrorist Intentions to Target Hotels and Resorts

Terrorist groups seek targets that are rewarding from their point of view.1 With that maxim as its premise, this analysis focuses on terrorist intentions as they relate to hotels and resorts. Hotels and resorts have identifiable features setting them apart as unique facilities. These features may be incentives or disincentives

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15 Mar 2004

Are Biological Weapons Correctly Classified as WMD?

“Discrepancies can often be found among definitions used by the scientific and political communities when topics overlap their respective fields. While the role of terminology in science is to rigorously describe things in a repeatable manner, in politics terminology is often manipulated and used to achieve a particular goal. An

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31 Jan 2004

The Terror Network: How Al-Qaeda Uses the Internet

“Prior to 9/11, Al-Qaeda enjoyed the benefits of physical sanctuary that Afghanistan provided. The Taliban, the de facto rulers of Afghanistan, allowed al-Qaeda to construct training camps and other facilities that enabled the terrorist group to plan, communicate, coordinate, train, indoctrinate, and spread its message to the world in a

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31 Jan 2004

State and the Union: A Conceptual Appreciation of State-Sponsored Terrorism

“But the issue of state-sponsored terrorism may be more complex in terms of con- ceptualization and response than Bush’s absolutist rhetoric might indicate. This paper will attempt to appreciate the complexities of state-sponsored terrorism by first examin- ing some of the nuances and subjectivities inherent in its definition, and in

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