19 Feb 2021

In Hunt for Covid-19 Origin, WHO Team Focuses on Two Animal Types in China

The World Health Organization investigators are currently searching for animals that could have spread the Covid-19 virus and effectively started a global pandemic. The researchers are currently looking into whether the virus was caused by ferret badgers or rabbits that can carry the virus, pass it to humans, and were

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08 Feb 2021

Ebola Resurfaces in Previous Epidemic Zone of Congo, WHO Says

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released a statement confirming that a deceased woman was found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and has tested positive for the infectious and deadly Ebola virus. The DRC declared a previous Ebola outbreak to be over in June, according to the

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14 Jan 2021

Two members of WHO team blocked from entering China over failed coronavirus antibody test

Two members of the WHO team sent to investigate the origins of the coronavirus pandemic were blocked entry to China after failing a coronavirus antibody test. Since November 2020, people entering China must have a negative IgM antibody test and PCR test before they will be allowed into the country.

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11 Jan 2021

China: WHO experts arriving Thursday for virus origins probe

The Chinese government said Monday that experts from the World Health Organization will arrive in China this week to investigate into the origins of the Coronavirus pandemic. These experts will arrive on Thursday and will meet with the National Health Commission. This visit has been under negotiation for some time

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06 Jan 2021

WHO team investigating virus origins denied entry to China

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one of their teams was denied entry into China to investigate the origins of the Covid-19 virus. Two members were already on their way to the country, and the WHO reported that the problem was a lack of visa clearances on behalf of

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17 Nov 2020

Internal email reveals 65 virus cases among WHO Geneva staff

According to a recently exposed internal email, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) headquarters in Geneva has experienced an outbreak infecting 65 employees. The infections include five people who had contact with one another and were working on the premises. The UN Health Agency is currently investigating how the outbreak occurred,

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31 Aug 2020

US Covid-19 cases near six million

The US is currently nearing six million recorded cases of COVID-19, representing almost a quarter of the international total. The US has also experienced roughly 183,000 deaths as a result of the infectious virus. Across the world, countries are still struggling to contain new outbreaks and prevent the spread of

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08 Jul 2020

Coronavirus: Trump moves to pull US out of World Health Organization

President Donald Trump has moved to withdraw the US from the World Health Organization, announcing the move yesterday despite calls from the EU and other organizations. President Trump stated that he intended to pull out of the UN agency and redirect funds elsewhere in late may, accusing the WHO of

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18 May 2020

Coronavirus: Global push for inquiry into Covid-19 response

Today, 194 member states of the World Health Organization will meet virtually, aiming to open an independent review of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The WHO will face questions on how it dealt with the outbreak and spread of the virus and Chinese President Xi Jinping talked during the

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08 May 2020

Virus could kill 190,000 Africans and ‘smolder’ in continent

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that Africa faces a huge potential COVID-19 risk, stating that they estimate 190,000 people could die on the continent in the first year of the pandemic. The WHO is also concerned that the virus could threaten the region for years. The UN Health

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