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Scientists Call for Deeper Investigation Into Covid-19 Origin

Scientists are calling for a deeper and more accurate investigation into the origin of Covid-19, including the prospect that a laboratory accident caused the release of the deadly virus that resulted in the deaths of millions of people. The Journal Science published a letter on Thursday in which an international group of biologists, immunologists, and other prominent scientists criticized the findings of a report released in March by a team led by the World Health Organization. The team concluded that the pandemic’s origin was the result of animals.

However, the scientists have two hypotheses that arguably deserve more investigation. The first is that the pandemic virus entered the human population and began spreading after escaping from a lab. The second is the initial suspicion confirmed by the previous team, that the virus spread to humans through infected animals. The WHO-led team was unable to provide definitive proof of the latter hypothesis, however. The scientists behind the letter are highly regarded professionals actively involved in the virus’s study.

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