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Virus Origins Remain Unclear in W.H.O.-China Inquiry

The international team of experts attempting to uncover the origins of the coronavirus pandemic have left Wuhan after 27 days. The team searched for clues, visited hospitals, laboratories, live animal markets, collected interviews and pressured officials for data and are still far from understanding the origins of the pandemic. 

The 124 page report will be released officially on Tuesday contains a large amount of new detail, but no new insights. The report is also unclear on if China will allow outside experts to continue looking into the origins after the Chinese Communist Party has been very resistant to outside scrutiny. China does not have the data or research to indicate the start and the cause of the spread of the virus. The Chinese government had some influence over the conclusions made in the report with 17 Chinese scientists, many from official government-run institutions, collaborating on the report with the 17 WHO chosen scientists from around the world.

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