07 Apr 2022

Attackers Spoof WhatsApp Voice-Message Alerts to Steal Info

Threat actors have targeted both Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace in a new campaign that leverages a legitimate domain associated with a road-safety organization in Moscow to distribute messages. The attackers are spoofing voice message notifications from WhatsApp in the malicious phishing campaign. Their ultimate goal is to trick

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02 Sep 2021

WhatsApp patches vulnerability related to image filter functionality

Popular messaging platform WhatsApp has announced that it released a patch pertaining to image filter functionality that was first discovered by Check Point Research. The flaw allowed attackers to read sensitive information from WhatsApp’s memory, according to the company. The platform boasts two billion monthly active users, making it one

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25 Aug 2021

Custom WhatsApp Build Delivers Triada Malware

On Tuesday, Kaspersky released a report warning of the Triada trojan targeting mobile devices with an advertising SDK. The latest version of the malware was found buried inside an advertising component of a modified version of WhatsApp, a popular messenger, called FM WhatsApp. The malware is very persistent and was

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16 Jul 2021

WhatsApp blocks two million Indian accounts

Over two million accounts in India have been blocked by WhatsApp in May and June for violating rules. 95% of the blocked users were blocked for violating the limit on how many times a message can be forwarded in India. The submissions of blocked users were made in WhatsApp’s first

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07 Sep 2020

WhatsApp Discloses 6 Bugs via Dedicated Security Site

WhatsApp, a popular messaging site owned by Facebook, recently patched and disclosed 6 new vulnerabilities. The company has pledged to be transparent when it comes to flaws within the platform, with a new advisory page to keep its customers up-to-date on security vulnerabilities, updates, and patches. WhatsApp currently boasts more

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08 Jun 2020

Google’s indexing of WhatsApp numbers raises privacy concerns

According to security researchers, Google is indexing phone numbers that are used on WhatsApp, causing concern that this could lead to privacy issues. Earlier this year, it was discovered that invite links to private groups on messaging apps like WhatsApp were freely available on Google, subsequently allowing anyone to join.

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20 May 2020

WolfRAT Android Malware Targets WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger

A new Android malware family has been identified by security researchers after it was repeatedly spotted in campaigns against Thai targets. According to researchers, the malware family, dubbed WolfRAT, targets popular messaging apps to gather intelligence. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are among those utilized by the malware operators, who are

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13 Feb 2020

As WhatsApp Tops 2 Billion Users, Its Boss Vows to Defend Encryption

One of the world’s leading messaging apps, WhatsApp, has recently surpassed more than two billion active users. Will Cathcart, CEO of WhatsApp, pledged to defend the app’s users through enacting new cybersecurity measures that aim to combat threats from governments around the world. Cathcart stated that the app’s global popularity

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10 Feb 2020

UK Government Under Fire Over NSO Group Links

The British government has faced criticism after deciding to invite the controversial espionage software provider NSO Group to a secret security trade fair upcoming next month. The government will host the firm, which is based in Israel, as an exhibitor at the closed-door event. The NSO Group currently faces a

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18 Nov 2019

Attackers using WhatsApp MP4 video files vulnerability can remotely execute code

Last week a severe vulnerability in the WhatsApp messaging software was uncovered, allowing hackers to perform remote code execution attacks. Facebook reported that the bug is a stick-based buffer overflow problem that can be prompted by attackers sending .MP4 video files. The vulnerability can be exploited to conduct denial-of-service (DoS)

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