06 Jan 2021

National security law: Mass arrests among Hong Kong pro-democracy camp

A new security law has been posed to curb the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. On Wednesday, there were mass arrests while there was an unofficial election to select candidates before the 2020 elections that have been postponed. 53 people were arrested after 1,000 national security officers were deployed. Police

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06 Jan 2021

SolarWinds Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit Following Orion Breach

SolarWinds and some of its executives have been accused of lying to shareholders about its security. In a class-action lawsuit filed by shareholders Solarwinds, outgoing CEO Keven Thompson, and CFO Barton Kalso are named as defendants. The suit claims that there were false and misleading statements made from the company

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16 Dec 2020

Apple’s App ‘Privacy Labels’ Are Here—and They’re a Big Step Forward

As of today, apps up for purchase in the Mac and iOS app stores will feature mandatory security labels that offer users a rundown of privacy policies. It’s Apple’s most bold and visible move yet to offer consumers more transparency and warn them about what data every app collects, and

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17 Nov 2020

Zoom Debuts New Tools to Fight Meeting Disruptions

Zoom has launched new features that allow hosts and co-hosts to pause live Zoom meetings. The feature aims to reduce the onslaught of so-called zoom-bombers, users that join meetings seemingly at random with the intention to disrupt the activity. The capabilities will allow hosts to pause the meeting, allowing them

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05 Nov 2020

California Votes to Strengthen Privacy Laws

During this election cycle, Californians have voted to increase their state’s privacy laws, allowing consumers to have more of a say in how their data is utilized by organizations and big tech companies. The law, proposition 24, won 56% of votes this fall as Californians flocked to the polls to

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08 Oct 2020

Huawei 5G ban could come in sooner, says report

In the UK, an influential parliamentary committee has released a report analyzing the feasibility of moving up the deadline for removing all of Huawei’s equipment from the 5G networks. The report reasons that if pressure from allies continues and if relations with China remain tense, the deadline could easily be

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07 Oct 2020

Apple’s T2 Security Chip Has an Unfixable Flaw

A recently released tool allows any user to exploit a Mac vulnerability that leads to bypassing the T2 security chip, gaining deep system access. The flaw is commonly used among researchers to jailbreak older iPhone models, however, the fact that the T2 chip is similarly vulnerable in Mac devices as

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06 Oct 2020

Ransomware Vaccine Intercepts Requests to Erase Shadow Copies

A new ransomware “vaccine” could transform the way organizations treat cyberattacks, preventing certain ransomware families from erasing shadow copies and promoting data recovery. The technology, which has been named “Raccine,” targets ransomware families that leverage the command vssadmin.exe to delete shadow copies on the targeted machine. The preventative software was released

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01 Oct 2020

Swatch Group Hit by Likely Ransomware Attack

Swatch Group, the world’s leading watchmaker, announced yesterday that it had been the victim of a suspected ransomware attack over the weekend in which its IT systems were taken offline. Swatch stated that their security teams noticed unusual network activity, and took initiative in shutting down some systems as a

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08 Sep 2020

Researchers develop secure multi-user quantum communication network

The University of Bristol has developed a secure multi-user quantum communication network, pushing the world one step closer to achieving a totally secure internet. This would eliminate most of the growing threat of cyberattacks such as ransomware and malware attacks. The network could transform how citizens across the world communicate

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