27 Jul 2021

Russia Holds Military Drills Off Japan’s Mainland During Tokyo Olympics

On Tuesday, Moscow planned to begin military exercises off of Japan’s mainland despite the Tokyo Olympics. The island was seized by Japan in 1945 and Tokyo still claims authority over the land. Russia’s prime minister allegedly visited islands in the same disputed group just a day before the incident. Government

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22 Jul 2021

Wildfires have erupted across the globe, scorching places that rarely burned before

Yakutsk, Russia, is known to be the world’s coldest city due to its location in Russian Siberia. Yakutsk typically boasts freezing temperatures and a high risk of frostbite. However, the city is currently battling wildfires tearing through nearby forests. The wildlife has been experiencing a drought over the past several

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08 Jul 2021

Russia offers North Korea Covid vaccines again as crisis worsens

Russia has offered North Korea Covid-19 vaccines another time as reports indicate that harsh lockdown measures are leading to extreme hunger. Pyongyang has refused vaccines and covid-relief aid from many countries. North Korea has sealed borders to keep the virus out but has affected trade with China. Beijing provides North

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06 Jul 2021

Debris from missing plane found on Russian Far East Kamchatka peninsula

Officials have allegedly located debris from a passenger plane carrying 28 people that went missing in the Russian Far East on Tuesday. The An-26 aircraft reportedly lost contact with air traffic control shortly before it was going to land in the settlement of Palana, located in the north of the

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06 Jul 2021

Widespread Brute-Force Attacks Tied to Russia’s APT28

US and UK authorities have declared that a known advanced threat actor, APT28, also referred to as Fancy Bear or Strontium, has been tied to a range of brute-force password spraying attacks against hundreds of government and private sector targets worldwide, including European governments and military. The joint alert was

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01 Jul 2021

Russia’s Putin Challenges U.S. Leadership, Asserts Military Might

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin challenged US leadership in world affairs, stating that an era of US hegemony has come to an end. Mr. Putin also touted Moscow’s growing military strength and assertive foreign policy. The remarks were made at an annual event at which he answers questions posed

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25 Jun 2021

French-German plan for EU-Putin talks collapses

The European Union failed to agree on a French-German proposal for direct talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. On Thursday, Berlin and Paris called for the bloc to resume talks with the Russian leader after US President Joe Biden’s meeting with Putin in Geneva. Some critical member states denounced the

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24 Jun 2021

UK plays down Crimean naval confrontation while Russia says ‘London has lost its manners’

On Thursday, a UK government minister announced that Britain was prepared to sail naval vessels through disputed waters near Crimea again. The statement comes just a day after a confrontation between a British warship and Russian forces in the Black Sea, sparking conflicting stories from both parties. Environment Secretary George

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17 Jun 2021

U.S., EU Forge Closer Ties on Emerging Technologies to Counter Russia and China

The U.S. and European Union will cooperate more on technology regulation, bilateral trade and industrial development after President Biden’s visit. The Western allies are hoping to better compete with China and Russia in developing and protecting emerging technologies. A new high-level Trade and Technology Council was unveiled on Tuesday. The

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16 Jun 2021

Biden, Putin Meet for Tense Talks in Geneva

President Biden met with Russian President Vladimir Putin for a summit in which the US leader is expected to raise concerns over a number of issues ranging from Moscow’s aggression toward Ukraine to alleged cyberattacks against the US. The meeting comes immediately after a NATO summit. Both sides have attempted

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