11 Mar 2022

Dr. Scott Shumate Profiles Russian President Vladimir Putin

This OODAcast is a special edition focused on profiling Russian President Vladimir Putin with Dr. Scott Shumate, who has over 30 years of experience evaluating national leaders, terrorists, spies, and insiders.  Scott shares his unique perspective’s on Putin informed by his extensive experience and insight. Is Putin suicidal? Is he a rational actor? Will he escalate to cyber attacks? These questions and more are discussed with Dr. Shumate.

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10 Mar 2022

The Putin Profile: Takeaways from our Interview with a CIA, FBI, and Military Psychologist

Today we recorded an OODAcast with long time colleague Dr. Scott Shumate who has 33 years of national security experience with both the Central Intelligence Agency as an undercover operations officer and the Department of Defense with the Counterintelligence Field Activity as a Senior Executive level director of Behavioral Science support to the departments investigative and counterintelligence units.

Here are the major takeaways from the interview to inform your perspective.

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