Romania under cyberattack coming from Russia’s Killnet

The pro-Russian hacker group Killnet, which has already claimed several attacks that have taken place in recent days against some official sites in Romania, threatened on Saturday, April 30, that it would target almost 300 other sites, reported. Newspapers, major public institutions, hotels, boarding houses, booking sites and political parties are considered. Among the institutions whose sites are targeted are the Government, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and also those of the tax collection agency ANAF, the Romanian Gendarmerie or special telecommunications services STS. According to the initial statements of the National Directorate of Cyber ​​Security (DNSC), “the main objective of the attackers is the inactivation of websites and web services, the destruction of reputation and the panic of users in Romania.”

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OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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