16 Mar 2021

Judge Upholds Privacy Lawsuit Against Google

A judge has upheld a lawsuit brought against Google in June of 2020 alleging that the tech giant has violated consumer privacy by failing to halt the gathering of personal data when users turn off data collection or operate in “incognito mode” when browsing the internet. According to the complaint,

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16 Mar 2021

Utah Company Stored Passport Scans on Unsecured Server

Security researcher Bob Diachenko discovered an unsecured server hosted by Utah-based company Premier Diagnostics on February 22, in which he found sensitive information pertaining to 50,000 customers. Diachenko currently works for consumer privacy watchdog Compairtech, which aims to promote data privacy through testing various services. Customer data located within the

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10 Mar 2021

Exposed Password Gave Hackers Access to 150,000 Cameras

A new report reveals details about a hacktivist endeavor that claims to have successfully targeted and hacked a leading surveillance camera manufacturer called Verkada. Verkada is based out of San-Mateo and conceded that they had to disable all internal administrative accounts to prevent unauthorized access. An international hacker collective seems

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02 Mar 2021

Asian Food Distribution Giant JFC International Hit by Ransomware

JFC International has revealed that it has been hit by a ransomware attack disrupting several of its IT systems. The food giant is a major distributor and wholesaler of Asian food products to Europe and the US. The attacks allegedly impacted JFC International’s Europe Group, and the company expects to

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26 Feb 2021

Health Website Leaks 8 Million COVID-19 Test Results

In India, a teenaged ethical hacker named Sourajeet Majumder uncovered a flawed endpoint associated with a health department in the state of Bengal that exposed eight million Covid-19 test results and personally identifiable information. The data leak, likely a human-related error, has exposed confidential health information for an entire geographic

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04 Feb 2021

Clearview Facial-Recognition Technology Ruled Illegal in Canada

This week, Canadian authorities ruled that the use of facial recognition technology from Clearview is prohibited due to violations of federal and provincial privacy laws. Clearview has received backlash from the security industry for its controversial practice of harvesting faceprints from the internet and selling them. The company could feel

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03 Feb 2021

Over Three Million US Drivers Exposed in Data Breach

US car company DriveSure has suffered from a data breach in which three million of its customers were exposed. A cybercriminal has posted the data to a dark web forum, according to Risk Based Security. On January 4, Risk-Based Security found that multiple databases were uploaded to a hacking forum.

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26 Jan 2021

Misconfigured Cloud Server Exposes 66,000 Gamers

Roughly 30GB of data impacting tens of thousands of users has been exposed due to a misconfigured Elasticsearch server owned by popular gaming site VIPGames.com. The site has 100,000 Google Play downloads and boasts 20,000 active daily players globally. Researchers at WizCase found the server, which contained no encryption or

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22 Jan 2021

Einstein Healthcare Network Announces August Breach

Einstein Health Network is a Pennsylvania based health care company offering services such as medical rehab, outpatient and primary care centers. The organization recently announced a breach in which an authorized person was able to gain access to sensitive information and emails. Einstein has known about the breach since August

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12 Jan 2021

IoT Vendor Ubiquiti Suffers Data Breach

Internet of Things and Wi-Fi vendor Ubiquiti discovered a breach of one of its systems in the cloud yesterday. THe customers were advised to change their passwords and use multifactor authentication.  There is no evidence of breaching of any databases that contain personal information of users. The data that could

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