31 Jul 2020

Photo Tweaks Could Protect Your Privacy from Algorithms

According to researchers, a new technique could protect users’ privacy online, safeguarding sensitive information that lies in photos uploaded to social media. The subtle change is not noticeable to humans, however, it renders certain features undetectable by algorithms. Facebook and Instagram have the capability to automatically tag a user in

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29 Jul 2020

US provides new expanded set of espionage charges against former Twitter employees

The US government has charged three individuals who formerly worked for Twitter with more offenses, including fraudulently accessing information and acting as illegal agents of a foreign government. The former Twitter employees were originally charged with two different crimes, however, they are now under scrutiny for seven offenses rather than

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15 Jul 2020

A New Map Shows the Inescapable Creep of Surveillance

A new map produced by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the University of Nevada called the “Atlas of Surveillance” depicts how far-spread police surveillance has become within the US. The research reported 1,300 partnerships with Ring, hundreds of facial recognition systems installed, dozens of cell-site simulator devices, and automated

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30 Jun 2020

How public safety systems can be abused by nation state actors

Open-source systems such as nom or GitHub have been repeatedly abused to spread malware. Similarly, public safety systems that are designed to protect citizens from adversaries can be misused by threat actors to do the opposite. Nation-state actors can also reportedly target national security systems, particularly if they are open-source,

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23 Jun 2020

Apple Suddenly Confirms Hidden iPhone Problem Impacting All Users

In February, Apple received notification of an issue in the clipboard function. Any data copied to the clipboard on an iOS device was vulnerable to visibility by any active app. The vulnerability is hidden, meaning that there is no way for a user to know when an app may be

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09 Jun 2020

More S3 Buckets Compromised with Magecart and Malicious Redirector

RiskIQ has discovered that Magecart and malicious redirector codes are lurking in misconfigured S3 buckets. Security researchers have warned website owners to check cloud storage resources, verify that their configurations are appropriate. On May 12, the RiskIQ team found Magecart code rising on all three websites run by Endeavor Business

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19 May 2020

Hacker sells 129 million sensitive records of Russian car owners

Security researchers have uncovered a dark web forum database with 129 million records of Russian car owners for sale. The seller has leaked some data for potential buyers, verifying the data’s authenticity. Local media has reported that no details on the car owners are available in the public data set,

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18 May 2020

Face masks prompt London police to consider pause in rollout of facial recognition cameras

In London, the use of facial recognition technologies has been hindered by its resident’s use of face coverings as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The wearing of face masks has incapacitated the technology for the time being. The UK has adopted surveillance technology over the past several years, despite

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30 Apr 2020

2 million Australians have downloaded a coronavirus contact tracing app

A new COVID-19 tracing app called COVIDSafe was launched in Australia on Sunday and has already amassed more than 2 million downloads in just a matter of days. The app is voluntary and is designed to aid health authorities in tracking what individuals a COIVD-19 patient may have come into

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29 Apr 2020

Privacy Options Don’t Boost Trust in Voice Assistants

According to new research, giving users the option of adjusting privacy settings on voice assistants like Alexa does not ensure that consumers will increase their trust in the technology. A new study proves that it may even have an unfavorable effect. Researchers found that trust in Amazon Alexa went up

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