31 Jan 2023

JD Sports Confirms Breach Affected 10 Million Customers

JD Sports has advised its customers to change their passwords after the discovery of a cyberattack that may have resulted in the exposure of data belonging to 10 million customers. JD Sports notified its users of the breach via email, stating that the attack impacts customers who placed orders between

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30 Jan 2023

South Korea to deploy cryptocurrency tracking system in 2023

The Ministry of Justice in South Korea announced plans to introduce a crypto-tracking system to counter money laundering initiatives and recover funds linked to criminal activities. The “Virtual Currency Tracking System” will be used to monitor transaction history, extract information related to transactions and check the source of funds before and

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24 Jan 2023

A Major App Flaw Exposed the Data of Millions of Indian Students

An app operated by India’s Education ministry contained a security lapse that resulted in the exposure of personally identifying information belonging to millions of students and teachers. The information was exposed for over a year, the ministry confirmed. The app in question is the Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing app,

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17 Jan 2023

EU Finance Ministers Say Digital Euro Must Offer Privacy

European finance ministers have called for the digital euro to offer both privacy and transparency, as central bankers begin tests of the project this year. The digital Euro is being spearheaded by the European Central Bank (ECB), with the idea first launched in October 2020 and a more formal “investigation”

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28 Dec 2022

Facebook Agrees to Pay $725 Million to Settle Privacy Suit

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has agreed to pay a $725 million settlement to end a long-running lawsuit that accused the network of allowing third parties to access private data. This includes the notorious Cambridge Analytica issue, one of said third parties accused of accessing users’ private data collected by the

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28 Dec 2022

TikTok’s Parent Company Admits Using the Platform’s Data to Track Journalists

TikTok’s parent company ByteDance has confirmed that it used data collected by the popular social media platform to track journalists. ByteDance stated that it accessed data from the app to track reporters from the Financial Times and Buzzfeed in an attempt to identify the source of leaks to the media.

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06 Dec 2022

FBI Director Raises National Security Concerns About TikTok

Chris Wray, the FBI Director, has raised national security concerns about the popular social media platform TikTok, warning that control of the video sharing app is in the hands of the Chinese government. The FBI Director stated that he was concerned that the Chinese government can control the app’s recommendation

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05 Dec 2022

French Hospital Halts Operations After Cyber-Attack

Over the past weekend, a hospital located in Versailles was forced to cancel its operations due to a cyberattack that rendered the organization’s systems disabled. The hospital was forced to go offline following the cyberattack that occurred at 9pm on Saturday evening. According to Franceinfo, the André-Mignot hospital’s computers were

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01 Dec 2022

LastPass Reveals Another Customer Data Breach

LasPass, a password management service, has discovered that it was impacted by another breach of customer information that is potentially linked to a previous security breach that occurred in August. The investigation into the original incident is ongoing and being conducted by Mandiant. Additionally, law enforcement was notified of the

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16 Nov 2022

Remote Code Execution Discovered in Spotify’s Backstage

Security researchers from Oxeye have discovered a vulnerability in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) incubated project Backstage utilized by Spotify. According to the researchers, the flaw could be exploited to conduct remote code execution. The Oxeye research team was able to exploit a virtual machine sandbox escape via a

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