11 Jan 2019

I Gave a Bounty Hunter $300. Then He Located Our Phone

Joseph Cox of Motherboard has conducted an investigation into the sale of access to customers’ location data by the telecommunications companies T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T. The researcher claims to have found evidence showing that the sensitive information is being resold to dubious actors. Among the parties obtaining unauthorized access to the location

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03 Jan 2019

Chrome in Android Leaks Device Fingerprinting Info

“Attackers could craft a campaign that makes use of the device profile in order to exploit any vulnerabilities in a targeted fashion. Google has issued a partial fix for an Android issue dating back to 2015 – after originally rejecting the bug report on the grounds of the mobile OS

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02 Jan 2019

Istanbul police: Judicial action taken against over 2,500 social media users in 2018

Government crackdowns against social media users continued in 2018. In Turkey, “Judicial actions have been taken against 2,793 social media users in 2018, Istanbul police have said in a statement. According to the written statement, judicial actions were taken against 750 people for conducting ‘terrorist propaganda’ on their social media

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31 Dec 2018

Guardzilla Home Cameras Open to Anyone Wanting to Watch Their Footage

“Another day, another internet of things (IoT) issue: A design flaw in the Guardzilla home video surveillance system has been discovered that allows users to watch other homeowners’ Guardzilla videos. The Guardzilla All-In-One Video Security System is a home security platform that provides indoor video surveillance. The GZ501W model camera

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26 Dec 2018

2018: A Banner Year for Breaches

“Another day, another data breach?” Breach fatigue is setting in as the next new breach hits headlines on an overwhelmingly regular basis. Rather than “tuning out” or ignoring the breaches, however, they must become alarm bells that drive companies, individuals, and governments around the world to implement proactive security practices

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21 Dec 2018

Amazon Sends 1,700 Alexa Voice Recordings to a Random Person

Amazon sent 1,700 voice recordings captured by their Alexa in-home device to a random person. An individual in Germany requested copies of all of his data on Amazon’s files as part of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. As part of their compliance, however, Amazon included 1,700 voice recordings from

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17 Dec 2018

Facebook Flaw Exposes Private Photos for 6.8M Users

A new Facebook disclosure announced that another bug lead to 1,500 third-party applications with access to 6.8 million users’ unposted “draft” photos. These photos included uploaded, but not posted photos, as well as photos across Facebook Marketplace and Stories. As such breaches proliferate with an ever-expanding base of impacted accounts

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10 Dec 2018

Automated License Plate Tracking: Who’s Tracking and Sharing Your License Plate Movement?

Automated license plate reading technology has widely implemented across American cities, which has enabled driver tracking to an increasingly detailed extent. In 2016 and 2017, 173 local and federal entities scanned 2.5 billion license plates. To law enforcement, this allows cars to be flagged, added to a hot list, and easily

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10 Dec 2018

Australia Anti-Encryption Law Triggers Sweeping Backlash

“A controversial Australian bill, which could give the government access to data protected by end-to-end encryption, was passed Thursday. The bill, called the Assistance and Access Act, empowers Australian police to essentially force companies (that are operating in the country) to help the government hack into systems, plant malware or

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03 Dec 2018

The Days of Secret Military Operations May Soon Be Over. Does That Matter?

Social media and expanded access to the internet is making covert operations increasingly difficult, with some experts arguing that secrets now come with a “half-life.” “With all of these sensors, sharing, there are no more secrets…they can be gathered, analyzed and shared in a way that was almost unimaginable in

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