18 May 2022

Hezbollah and allies lose parliamentary majority in Lebanon election

In Lebanon’s parliamentary elections, the Iran-backed Shia Muslim Hezbollah movement and its allies lost their majority number of seats. The results of Sunday’s election shows that the bloc’s candidates won 62 of 128 seats, three fewer than it needed to maintain a majority. While Hezbollah itself retained its own seats,

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09 May 2022

North Korea Fires Off Suspected Sub-Launched Ballistic Missile

North Korea reportedly launched a submarine ballistic missile off its east coast on Saturday, according to officials in Seoul and Tokyo. The launch took place just three days before South Korea’s new president is set to take office. The missile was fired in the afternoon from the Sinpo area, which

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04 Apr 2022

Sri Lanka ministers resign as protests erupt over economic crisis

Sri Lanka has witness a plethora of protests over the weekend prompting a string of cabinet ministers and the central bank governor to resign. Protestors in the capital city are defying curfew orders and taking to the streets to express their grievances amid the country’s worst economic crisis in decades.

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22 Mar 2022

Ethiopia pledges action after video shows uniformed men burning civilians alive

On Saturday, Ethiopia’s government claimed that it would act against the perpetrators featured in a video that appeared on social media. In the video, the perpetrators appear to be burning civilians to death in the country’s western region. The video showed some of the violent aggressors in uniform. According to

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24 Feb 2022

Ukraine vows defiance as Russia launches major invasion

On Thursday, Russia launched an unprecedented military invasion against Ukraine that has already left dozens dead, prompting international condemnation. Western leaders have vowed their unity with Kyiv, however, US President Joe Biden has proclaimed that he would not send US forces to fight the Russian army in Ukraine. Early Thursday,

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15 Feb 2022

U.S. Is Closing Kyiv Embassy, Relocating Diplomatic Operations to Western Ukraine

The US is reportedly closing its embassy in the Ukrainian capital city, Kyiv, and relocating its operations 340 miles west to Lviv, near the Polish border. The relocation comes as allies warn that a Russian invasion of Ukraine may be imminent. Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated that the relocation

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09 Feb 2022

North Korea boasts of ‘shaking the world’ by testing missiles that can strike the US

On Tuesday, North Korea boasted that it is one of a handful of countries in the world to field nuclear weapons and advanced missiles. The country also boasted about shaking the world with its missile tests, as they cause concern and make headlines. International tension has been on the rise

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09 Feb 2022

Russia sees room for diplomacy

Vladimir Chizhov, Russia’s EU ambassador, has told the BBC that his country still believes diplomacy can help de-escalate the crisis over Ukraine. Mr. Chizhov stated that Russia had no intention of invading its neighbor, however, it warned the EU not to provoke Russia into changing its mind. The announcement comes

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26 Jan 2022

Burkina Faso’s military seizes power in a coup, detains president and dissolves government

On Monday, Burkina Faso’s army took control of the country, effectively deposing President Roch Kabore. The military dissolved the government and parliament, suspended the constitution, and closed down the country’s borders. The coup was announced on state television by Captain Sidsore Kader Ouedraogo. Captian Ouedraogo stated that the coup was

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20 Jan 2022

North Korea says it will reconsider its moratorium on nuclear and long-range missile tests

On Thursday, North Korea stated that it plans to evaluate all of its temporally suspended activities and bolster its defense against the United States. The announcement may be a reference to its self-imposed moratorium on testing nuclear weapons. The moratorium has been in place since 2017. Pyongyang is banned from

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