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Ukraine vows defiance as Russia launches major invasion

On Thursday, Russia launched an unprecedented military invasion against Ukraine that has already left dozens dead, prompting international condemnation. Western leaders have vowed their unity with Kyiv, however, US President Joe Biden has proclaimed that he would not send US forces to fight the Russian army in Ukraine. Early Thursday, explosions were heard in several major cities across Ukraine including Kyiv, Odessa, and Kharkiv. Ukrainian officials confirmed that more than 40 soldiers and as many as 10 civilians had been killed since the invasion began before dawn this morning. In response, the US and other Western allies launched economic sanctions against Russia.

Russia’s invasion follows weeks of warnings and deterrence methods from the US and other Western powers against the imminent invasion. Until now, Russia has denied that it planned to take any such action. Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelensky moved to enact martial law as explosions rang throughout the capital city of Kyiv, triggering air raid sirens. Zelensky stated that Ukranian forces were resisting the Russian army and would continue to fight defiantly against the invading forces. Despite urging citizens not to leave their homes, the mayor of Kharkiv reported heavy traffic clogging roads heading west out of the city.

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