24 Jun 2019

UK Police suspend work with major forensics firm after cyber-attack

A recent ransomware attack on forensics firm Eurofins has impacted operations of the UK police department, which is now dealing with an increasing backlog of pending forensic investigations. Eurofins provides various types of forensic services, including DNA analysis, toxicology, ballistics and computer forensics work. It is believed that the UK

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16 Oct 2018

The Newest Password Technology Is Making Your Phone Easier for Police to Search

The way that current laws are written in the US has meannt that the “keys” to biometric passwords like facescans, fingerprints, and other similar technologies are treated like traditional searches for which police can easily obtain warrants. Alphanumeric passwords, however, are treated as “testimonial” evidence, meaning that defendants have Fifth

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30 Aug 2018

UK cops used facial recognition at show, found someone with outstanding warrant

“According to new reporting by WalesOnline, police in South Wales scanned the faces of more than 44,000 people at the ‘Biggest Weekend’ event in Swansea earlier this year—and of those, there were only 10 false positives. That’s a significant improvement over a similar trial run at a 2017 soccer championship

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11 Jul 2018

French security services ‘on the verge of implosion’, Senators warn

A recent report to the French Senate based on an investigation in 2017 has described security services in France as nearing “crisis,” with one of the authors stating that it is “on the verge of implosion.” The study cites insufficient spending, understaffing, poor equipment, and high suicide rates as severe

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11 Jun 2018

The introduction of AI-integrated drone surveillance programs for local police

Local police now have access to drones and footage analysis software from the same company that currently supplies body cameras, which have already seen widespread integration. Use of this technology, and especially the AI technology driving it, has been heavily criticized by those who question how it will be used

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