01 Feb 2021

Croatia police ‘blocked’ MEPs investigating treatment of refugees

Four Italian politicians have accused Croatian police of attempting to stop them from accessing an area on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The attempt came amid concerns of the refugee treatment in the region. The politicians were Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from Italy’s Democratic Party. They were

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10 Aug 2020

Hong Kong pro-democracy media tycoon Jimmy Lai arrested under new national security law

Jimmy Lai, Hong Kong citizen, and media tycoon, has been arrested under suspicions of colluding with foreign forces, according to the local police. This action became an offense under a new national security law that was imposed on Hong Kong by China last month, drawing international criticism. Lai was well

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10 Aug 2020

A British AI Tool to Predict Violent Crime Is Too Flawed to Use

A new artificial intelligence system created in the UK that is designed to predict gun and knife violence contains serious flaws that render the technology unusable, according to researchers. The local police have admitted that the device’s error rate lead to large drops in accuracy among officers, and the system

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06 Jul 2020

House Subcommittee Again Takes Aim at Amazon over Ring Surveillance

The House Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy has been pursuing Amazon over the company’s Ring doorbell camera technology as concerns over privacy, surveillance, and civil liberties continue to increase. The subcommittee Chairman wrote a letter on Thursday seeking assurances from Amazon that the Ring Inc. subsidiary would adhere to

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25 Jun 2020

Bill Calls for Federally Funded Research on Police Use of Force and Facial Recognition

New legislation was recently introduced to the House of Representatives that outlines a plan for police-reform focused practices that would potentially mandate federal agencies to examine law enforcement use of force in the field and police technologies. The bill titled the Promoting Fair and Effective Policing Through Research Act would

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29 Jan 2020

Home Affairs report reveals deeper problems with Australia’s encryption laws

Australian law enforcement agencies used controversial new powers just seven times over the course of seven months, each incident regarding voluntary Technical Assistance Requests. The powers were granted under the Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment Act in 2018. The Australian Federal Police acted under the law five times, and the

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20 Dec 2019

Indian cities deny permits for marches against citizenship law

Police in New Delhi and Bengaluru have denied requests for civil marches planned for Thursday after demonstrations against India’s new controversial citizenship law turned violent over the past week. The Police department expressed concerns over national security and traffic, stating that the march will not happen and that extra police

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26 Nov 2019

NYPD Fingerprint Database Taken Offline to Thwart Ransomware

The LiveScan fingerprint-tracking system used by the New York Police Department was infected with ransomware last week, prompting the NYPD to take the database offline on Friday night. The department managed to get the systems back up and running by Saturday morning. Fortunately the impact of the attack was limited

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22 Jul 2019

Met Police hacked with bizarre tweets and emails posted

Last Friday, threat actors hacked into the London Metropolitan Police’s account for the MyNewsDesk public relations platform, and used their access to post unauthorised messages on the Met’s website and to send out unusual Tweets and emails from official Met accounts. The Met has launched an investigation into the incident.

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24 Jun 2019

UK Police suspend work with major forensics firm after cyber-attack

A recent ransomware attack on forensics firm Eurofins has impacted operations of the UK police department, which is now dealing with an increasing backlog of pending forensic investigations. Eurofins provides various types of forensic services, including DNA analysis, toxicology, ballistics and computer forensics work. It is believed that the UK

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