15 Jan 2020

NASA And Amazon Are Teaming Up To Build An App That Can Predict Solar Superstorms

Amazon announced a collaboration with NASA that aims to predict solar superstorms through machine learning applications. Superstorms are rare, therefore there are very few historical examples that can be used in the algorithm training process. Amazon’s AWS Professional Services and Machine Learning Solutions Lab have stated that they will use

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15 Jan 2020

Former NASA Commander Says Space Force ‘Incredibly Important’

Pam Melroy, a retired Air Force pilot and former NASA astronaut, stated that the US’s future in space is critical. Melroy is a veteran of three space shuttle flights, consisting of over 38 days in space altogether. Melroy has performed risky assembly missions to build the International Space Station. Melroy

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02 Sep 2019

How an Autonomous Self-Assembling Space Robot Could Transform NASA’s Future Missions

In collaboration with Made in Space, NASA is working on a revolutionary new spacecraft called Archinaut One that will include an extended-structure 3D printer and a robotic arm. Together, these features will “enable remote in-space construction of items, including things like communication antenna, large scale space telescopes and other complex

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26 Aug 2019

A top NASA astronaut is accused of hacking her estranged spouse’s bank account from space

A top NASA astronaut may have committed the first crime in space by hacking into the bank account of her estranged spouse from the International Space Station earlier this year. Astronaut Anne McClain and her wife Summer Worden are in the process of ending their marriage, while fighting over the custody

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26 Jul 2019

NASA Tasks Northrop Grumman to build Habitation Module for Lunar Gateway

Artemis is a fast moving project, and NASA has made it clear they will be acquiring capabilities from industry in as smart a way possible. This includes many streamlined approaches to procurement and ways to leverage smaller firms. 

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19 Jun 2019

Cyber Weaknesses That Led to Breaches at NASA’s JPL Persist, Says IG

A new report[pdf] by the NASA inspector general exposes major shortcomings in the cybersecurity posture of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, as a result of which the research center “has experienced several notable cybersecurity incidents that have compromised major segments of its IT network,” over the past decade. Glaring security weaknesses

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04 Jun 2019

NASA and the Artemis Vision: Go to the moon to stay

On April 9, NASA announced Artemis, the new program to return humans to the moon to stay, by 2024. Artemis includes many important firsts, including the first exploration of the only known source of water on the moon, at the lunar south pole.

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02 May 2019

NASA Says $700 Million in Rocket Failures Caused by Fraudster Company

Subpar aluminum parts manufactured by Sapa Profiles, Inc. (SPI) led to the failure of two NASA satellite launches in 2009 and 2011, resulting in losses of $700 million, the US space agency stated[pdf] on Tuesday. SPI tried to hide the poor quality of the aluminum parts it supplied to NASA

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29 Mar 2019

Cyber Threat Analysis Report Volume 1, Edition 3

Can you trust NSA tools? This and more as OODA Network Expert Michael Tanji provides insightful analysis of the most recent and significant cyber news.

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12 Mar 2019

NASA’s Cybersecurity Program Gets Failing Grade

According to a recent audit by the NASA Office of Inspector General (OIG), the US space agency’s cybersecurity program has not been properly implemented and therefore deserves only a level 2 maturity rating out of 5. To put this in perspective, cybersecurity programs with a rating lower than 4 are

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