17 Jan 2022

The James Webb Space Telescope Launch (On-Demand Live Stream) and the Promise of Spinoff Technology

The Everyday Astronaut’s Tim Dodd is your color commentator for this archived live stream of the James Webb Space Telescope | Ariane 5 ECA launch from Christmas Day a few weeks ago.

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30 Nov 2021

CalTech and NASA Approaching Significant Benchmarks in Space-based Solar Power Efforts

The CalTech Space-based Solar Power Project (SSPP) approaches a significant milestone in developing technology capable of generating solar power in space and beaming it back to Earth: A test launch of prototypes that collect sunlight and convert it to electrical energy and transfer energy wirelessly in free-space using radio frequency (RF) electrical power. SPSS’s first test will occur in early 2023. NASA also has a major benchmark in solar-powered space travel approaching.  In August 2022, a NASA probe called Psyche will set out to explore a giant metallic asteroid called Psyche 16. Solar power will help propel Psyche into deep space and will be among the first of NASA’s deep-space missions to use solar energy for both onboard operations and propulsion.

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10 Nov 2021

NASA and High-Performance Computing Reveal Climate Impacts on Global Crops in the Next Ten Years

NASA scientists recently published a study exploring the climate impacts on global agriculture scenarios. According to the high greenhouse gas emissions scenario from the report, by 2030 climate change may have a quantifiable impact on the production of maize (corn) and wheat. Global agriculture is facing a new climate reality. And with the interconnectedness of the global food system, impacts in even one region’s breadbasket will be felt worldwide. The NASA scientists also highlight in the study that these projections and subsequent scenarios are based on a new generation of climate and crop models.

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24 Aug 2021

ICON Lands More Than $200 Million To 3D Print Homes, Ramps Up For NASA Mars And Moon Missions

ICON, a 3D printed home builder, has raised $207 million in a Series B round led by Northwest Venture Partners, resulting in a total raise of $266 million. The company, based in Austin, began the second round of funding as a response to the sweeping housing shortage across the United

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26 Jul 2021

NASA Turns to Edge Computing to Protect ISS Astronauts from Contamination

NASA is looking to leverage edge computing to eliminate the need to transport massive amounts of information from space and slash the time it takes to process information from weeks to hours. NASA aims to accomplish this through using a containerized, analytic code where data for a complex DNA sequencing

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28 May 2021

NASA’s MOXIE Experiment Is Making Oxygen on Mars

The Mars Perseverance Rover is taking a few hours off from exploring Jezero Crater this weekend so a device can run a chemistry experiment that could make it possible for humans to survive on Mars, and get back home. The Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment (MOXIE) uses a device

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19 Apr 2021

NASA’s Mars Helicopter Ingenuity Successfully Makes Historic First Flight

On Monday, NASA’s Mars Ingenuity helicopter made history as the first powered craft to fly on another planet. The device was able to overcome extreme cold, dangerously thin air, and flawed flight software to take flight on Mars. The autonomous helicopter rose about 10 feet into Martian air, hovering briefly,

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08 Apr 2021

NASA’s Martian Helicopter Readies for Inaugural Flight on Earth’s Neighbor

NASA is preparing its four-pound space helicopter named ingenuity to attempt the first-ever powered and controlled aircraft flight on a planet that is not Earth. The helicopter has completed some major milestones over the past several weeks after traveling to Mars alongside NASA’s Perseverance Rover in late February. Ingenuity’s goal

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01 Mar 2021

The SolarWinds Body Count Now Includes NASA and the FAA

According to new information about the SolarWinds Orion Russian espionage campaign that targeted both US organizations and federal agencies, the Federal Aviation Administration and NASA were both compromised as part of the operation. The suspected Russian state hackers compromised SolarWind’s Orion IT management tool in a supply chain attack that

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19 Feb 2021

NASA’s Perseverance rover has landed on Mars

NASA’s Perseverance rover has safely landed on the surface of Mars after surviving a long journey through the Martian atmosphere. The technology touched down at the Jezero crater on Thursday afternoon after a process described as “seven minutes of terror,” referring to the seven minutes it takes the spacecraft to

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