20 Jan 2022

Cheap malware is behind a rise in attacks on cryptocurrency wallets

Chainalysis has recently warned that a rise in cheap and easy to use malware has resulted in a rise of cryptocurrency theft. Crytocurrency has been a popular target for cybercriminals, whether they are stealing it via cryptocurrency exchanges or demanding it as an extortion payment in ransomware attacks. The growing

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13 Jan 2022

Fingers point to Lazarus, Cobalt, FIN7 as key hacking groups attacking finance industry

On Thursday, Outpost24’s Blueliv published a report titled “Follow the Money,” designed to identify and track groups that are major culprits of theft and fraud in the financial sector. The report found that the Lazarus, Cobalt, and FIN7 threat groups have been the most prevalent threat actors striking financial organization.

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13 Jan 2022

Ransomware locks down prison, knocks systems offline

The Metropolitan Detention Center in Bernalillo County, New Mexico, was forced into lockdown on January 5 due to a cyberattack that targeted the county’s systems and deployed malware. Local government systems were impacted by the cyberattack, including those that are used to manage the prison. Inmates were required to remain

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12 Jan 2022

This new malware wants to create backdoors and targets Windows, Linux and macOS

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a new malware that has the capability to create backdoors on Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. Therefore, hackers using the malware could achieve full access to compromised systems on a range of devices. Intezer released more information about the malware, which it has named SysJoker.

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05 Jan 2022

Purple Fox rootkit discovered in malicious Telegram installers

The Minerva Labs cybersecurity team released a report earlier this week regarding the Purple Fox rootkit and its distribution via fake Telegram installers online. Working with MalwareHunterTeam, the cybersecurity forces stated that Purple Fox is being disguised through a file named Telegram Desktop.exe. The infection process has made the malware

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29 Dec 2021

Cryptomining Malware Found In Spider-Man: No Way Home Torrents

New research has shown that pirated copies of the popular new movie Spider-Man: No Way Home contain crypto-mining malware designed to mine the Monero cryptocurrency. According to researchers at ReasonLabs, the first infected copies were found in the Russian language. The movie is the first to gross more than $1

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27 Dec 2021

Telegram Abused to Steal Crypto-Wallet Credentials

Attackers are leveraging the Telegram messaging platform to target the crypto-wallets of users. The attackers behind the campaign are using the Echelon information stealer in an effort seeking to defraud new or unsuspecting users of a cryptocurrency discussion channel on the messaging platform. The attackers are using the Telegram handle

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20 Dec 2021

Malicious Joker App Scores Half-Million Downloads on Google Play

Security researchers found the Joker malware back on the Google Play app, this time hidden in the Color Message app. The application was reportedly downloaded more than 500,000 times before it was removed from the platform. Users should immediately remove the application from their devices in order to mitigate any

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15 Dec 2021

Actively Exploited Microsoft Zero-Day Allows App Spoofing, Malware Delivery

Microsoft has addressed a recently discovered vulnerability that was exploited in the wild to deliver Emotet, Trickbot, and other botnets via fake applications. The vulnerability was included in the company’s December Patch Tuesday, along with five other publicly known bugs and seven critical security vulnerabilities. In total, this month’s security

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08 Dec 2021

Hotel Guests Locked Out of Rooms After Ransomware Attack

Last week, a popular Scandinavian hotel chain warned that a ransomware attack rendered its key system unusable. The attack may have also led to the theft of sensitive or personal information related to bookings. The hotel is a chain called Nordic Choice and operates 200 locations across the region, with

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