11 Mar 2021

Proposed Bill Would Allow Americans to Sue Foreign Cyber-Actors

A new bill introduced in the House of Representatives earlier this week proposes that US citizens be able to seek monetary compensation in the event of a foreign cyber-attack on them or their assets. The legislation is titled the Homeland and Cyber Threat Act also referred to as HACT. The

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01 Mar 2021

Hackers exploit websites to give them excellent SEO before deploying malware

According to Sophos researchers, cyberattackers have been utilizing an interesting new technique: turning to search engine optimization to deploy malware payloads to as many victims as possible. The search engine method includes abuse of human psychology and SEO tricks to push up websites that have been compromised in Google’s rankings

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26 Feb 2021

Microsoft Releases Free Tool for Hunting SolarWinds Malware

Microsoft has released a free tool designed to hunt SolarWinds malware following a devastating espionage campaign in which Russian state hackers compromised SolarWind’s Orion software in a supply-chain attack that affected major US organizations and federal agencies. Organizations who are still investigating whether they are victims of or still infected

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22 Feb 2021

Attackers Already Targeting Apple’s M1 Chip with Custom Malware

The M1 chip is the latest processor for Apple Macs. Malware authors have already created Mac-specific binaries that can target the ARM64 architecture used by these M1 processors. One of the malware downloaders is called Silver Sparrow and can use the MacOS installer’s JavaScript API to create communication with a

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19 Feb 2021

Mac Malware Targeting Apple’s M1 Chip Emerges

A cybersecurity researcher named Patrick Wardle has uncovered the first piece of Mac malware that was potentially created specifically for devices running on Apple’s brand new M1 chip. Wardle specializes in Apple products and has created several open-source security tools for the brand. Wardle found the malware when rebuilding tools

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16 Feb 2021

Many SolarWinds Customers Failed to Secure Systems Following Hack

According to RiskRecon, a risk assessment firm, many companies that were exposed to the SolarWinds Orion espionage campaign have not followed protocol and taken necessary measures to disclose the incident. Several companies are still exposing malicious software to the internet, according to the firm. Threat actors believed to be Russian

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12 Feb 2021

Various Malware Lurks in Discord App to Target Gamers

Zscaler ThreatLabZ, a cybersecurity research firm, found that attackers have been spamming emails and legitimate-looking links into gaming software, with an end goal of dropping the Epsilon ransomware on gamers’ systems. Other malicious applications being utilized in the attacks are the XMRig crypto miner and token stealers. A rise in

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11 Feb 2021

Android spyware strains linked to state-sponsored Confucius threat group

On Tuesday, cybersecurity firm Lookout reported that they had uncovered evidence linking two malware strains recently targeting Android devices to Confucius, a pro-India state-sponsored hacking group. The two strains, called Hornbill and SunBird, are both forms of Android spyware seemingly focused on compromising the Whatapp messaging platform and stealing the

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10 Feb 2021

Android Devices Hunted by LodaRAT Windows Malware

The LodaRAT has been found targeting Android devices in a new campaign. The malware has historically targeted Windows devices, however, is now being distributed in an ongoing campaign that seeks to spy on victims. The LodaRAT has also been updated, with the more aggressive version spotted by researchers in a

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09 Feb 2021

Iranian Cyber Groups Spying on Dissidents & Others of Interest to Government

Two cyber threat groups have been identified and determined to be working for the Iranian government. One of the groups is called Infy and has been operating since at least 2007. Infy has been accused of perpetrating attacks against Persian language media, diplomatic targets, and Iranian dissidents in multiple countries

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