15 Mar 2022

More destructive wiper malware strikes Ukraine

Security researchers have detected another malware strain targeting Ukraine called the CaddyWiper. ESET published a detailed documentation of the malware, stating that it was deployed on the same day it was compiled This marks the third wiper discovered by security researchers at ESET, who found the malware on dozens of

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11 Mar 2022

Ukrainian IT Army Hijacked by Info-stealing Malware

Security researchers have advised Ukrainian actors to be aware of downloading DDoS tools to utilize in attacks against Russia, as they might be laced with information stealing malware. Ukraine’s vice prime minister, Mykhailo Fedorov, organized a volunteer group referred to as the IT army of hackers to conduct DDoS attacks

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25 Feb 2022

Ukraine Attacked with Wiper Malware

Ukraine is reportedly being targeted by a new-data wiping malware amid a physical attack on three sides by Russian armed forces. Researchers at cybersecurity companies ESET and Symantec found that hundreds of machines spanning several organizations in Ukraine were infected with a wiper called HermeticWiper on Wednesday. The cyberattack took

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10 Feb 2022

FritzFrog botnet returns to attack healthcare, education, government sectors

According to researchers at Akamai Threat Labs, the FritzFog botnet has reappeared with a new P2P campaign. The botnet is showing growth of almost 10x in just a month. FritzFog is a peer-to-peer botnet that was discovered in January 2020, managing to strike at least 500 government enterprise SSH servers

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09 Feb 2022

This malware is reading your email just 30 minutes after infecting your PC

An old malware called Qbot is still targeting Windows PCs and other devices with new nefarious efficiency. Although the malware first emerged in 2007, it remains a threat to Windows users. In October, cybersecurity research company DFIR was able to obtain a sample of the malware and conduct analysis on

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26 Jan 2022

Pro-democracy org hijacked to become macOS spyware distributor

Researchers have reportedly uncovered a new strain of macOS malware that is being distributed in attacks against visitors to a Hong Kong pro-democracy radio station website. The website was used to facilitate a watering hole-style attack and serve a Safari browser to exploit to visitors. Therefore, the malware was deployed

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25 Jan 2022

Trellix finds OneDrive malware campaign targeting gov’t officials in Western Asia

Hackers are leveraging Microsoft OneDrive in a multi-stage espionage campaign that aims to target high-ranking government officials in Western Asia. Researchers at Trellix released a report detailing the campaign. The cybercriminals are using a malware named “Graphite” by researchers because it uses Microsoft’s Graph API to leverage OneDrive as a

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20 Jan 2022

Cheap malware is behind a rise in attacks on cryptocurrency wallets

Chainalysis has recently warned that a rise in cheap and easy to use malware has resulted in a rise of cryptocurrency theft. Crytocurrency has been a popular target for cybercriminals, whether they are stealing it via cryptocurrency exchanges or demanding it as an extortion payment in ransomware attacks. The growing

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13 Jan 2022

Fingers point to Lazarus, Cobalt, FIN7 as key hacking groups attacking finance industry

On Thursday, Outpost24’s Blueliv published a report titled “Follow the Money,” designed to identify and track groups that are major culprits of theft and fraud in the financial sector. The report found that the Lazarus, Cobalt, and FIN7 threat groups have been the most prevalent threat actors striking financial organization.

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13 Jan 2022

Ransomware locks down prison, knocks systems offline

The Metropolitan Detention Center in Bernalillo County, New Mexico, was forced into lockdown on January 5 due to a cyberattack that targeted the county’s systems and deployed malware. Local government systems were impacted by the cyberattack, including those that are used to manage the prison. Inmates were required to remain

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