27 Jan 2023

Rockets, air attacks in Gaza follow deadly Israeli raid in Jenin

A deadly raid in the occupied West Bank has created anger in Gaza. Rockets were fired into Israel and hundreds of Palestinians are holding vigils and rallies to condemn the attack. Nine Palestinians were killed in the raid on Thursday in Jenin. After the attack, Gaza’s armed groups declared a

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03 Jan 2023

Israeli Missile Strikes Briefly Shut Damascus Airport, Syria Says

On Monday, Syria reported that Israel launches missiles on Damascus’s international airport. The assault killed two military personnel and forced the facility to briefly shut down. The move marks the latest attack that targets a key Iran ally in the region. The strikes occurred at 2 a.m. local time and

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29 Nov 2022

Three Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli forces in West Bank

In two separate incidents in the occupied West Bank, three Palestinian men have been killed by Israeli forces. Two were killed in clashes with Israeli troops near Ramallah.  Israel’s military stated suspects threw petrol bombs at their troops during an operation, causing the troops to return fire. The third man

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23 Nov 2022

Teenager killed in rare twin attacks at bus stops in Jerusalem

A 16 year-old boy was killed and 14 other injured in two suspected bombings at bus stops in Jerusalem. The explosions occurred on the outskirts of the city as people were headed to work. Israel’s internal security minister said the attack was one Israel hadn’t seen in a long time. 

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11 Nov 2022

Israel’s president to invite Netanyahu to form next government

Israel’s President Isaac Herzog invited Benjamin Netanyahu to form Israel’s next government in an announcement on Friday. This will allow Netanyahu to take the country’s top position for a sixth time and extend his time as the nation’s longest-serving leader. Herzog will issue the mandate to Netanyahu to create the

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09 Nov 2022

North Korea attempted to hack, siphon funds from an Israeli company

North Korea tried earlier this week to hack into the systems of an Israeli company that deals in the field of cryptocurrency and to siphon money that Pyongyang planned to use for its nuclear program, N12 reported on Monday. The hacking attempt was carried out by North Koreans posing as the

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27 Oct 2022

Israel-Lebanon gas field deal staves off war threat

Israel and Lebanon have technically been in a state of war since Israel’s founding in 1948, in a dispute over rights to a gas field in the Mediterranean Sea. The two countries have signed an agreement that sets their borders in the Mediterranean. Hezbollah, the militant and political group in

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25 Oct 2022

Six killed as Israel targets militants in West Bank raid

Five Palestinian gunmen were killed in an Israeli raid against a militant group in the West Bank. A sixt Palestinain was shot and killed by Israeli troops who were attacked with stones while Palestinians protested the raid. The operation was in the northern city of Nablus and targeted the new

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19 Oct 2022

NGO warns of legal action if UK embassy moved to Jerusalem

UK Prime Minister Liz Truss said she was reviewing the location of the British embassy in Israel and a few weeks later, a civil rights group warned against moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The rights group claims this shift would be a violation of Britain’s obligations under

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12 Oct 2022

Polonium Uses Seven Backdoor Variants to Spy on Israeli Organizations

European cybersecurity firm ESET has discovered previously unknown custom backdoors and tools it believes are being leveraged by an APT group called Polonium. The group is relatively new and was discovered in June 2022 by Microsoft. The group is highly sophisticated and currently active. It appears to be exclusively targeting

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