23 Feb 2021

Oil spill leads Israel to close beaches as it faces one of its ‘most severe ecological disasters’

The source of a suspected oil spill is trying to be located by Israeli authorities. The oil spill has been described as one of the worst ecological disasters to hit the country. The spill has threatened wildlife, forced beaches to close and prompted a large-scale cleanup. Tar began washing up

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17 Feb 2021

Drones With Facial Recognition Are Primed To Fly

Israeli surveillance companies are currently developing drones equipped with facial recognition capabilities, leading American law enforcement to consider adding the controversial tech to their fleet as well. An Israeli startup called AnyVision filed a patent application, which was published earlier this month, detailing technology to help a drone find the

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09 Feb 2021

Israel’s Netanyahu Formally Pleads Not Guilty as Corruption Trial Resumes

On Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pleaded not guilty to charges of corruption, which he has repeatedly denied throughout the course of the investigation and persecution process. This event set the stage for a lengthy legal fight to determine his fate. Netanyahu, the country’s longest-serving leader, went to his

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04 Jan 2021

Israel Vaccinates More Than 10% of Its Population in Two Weeks

In just two weeks, Israel has reportedly vaccinated nearly half of its most at-risk citizens, representing 10% of the population. Authorities have been accelerating Covid-19 vaccine administration after early mistakes led to wasted doses. The small country boasts nine million residents and aims to immunize the majority of its population

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23 Dec 2020

Israel Faces Fourth Election in Two Years After Parliament Is Dissolved

Israel will endure its fourth election in just two years following Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s failure to pass a new budget, requiring the Parliament to dissolve. The parties that make up Mr. Netanyahu’s coalition have failed to see eye-to-eye on several key issues following the government’s inception this past spring.

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21 Dec 2020

Dozens of Al Jazeera journalists allegedly hacked using Israeli firm’s spyware

Israeli spyware has allegedly been abused by the Saudi Arabian and United Arab Emirates leadership to hack the phones of dozens of Al Jazeera journalists. The unprecedented cyber attack stems from a private intelligence firm in Israel that appears to have sold the powerful tool. The Citizen Lab at the

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18 Dec 2020

Meet the man Netanyahu has picked to lead Israel’s Mossad

Benjamin Netanyahu has announced who he will appoint be the 13th director of Mossad, a man known only as “D” until he is confirmed by a review board led by former Supreme Court Judge Eliezer Goldberg and the cabinet. D will replace outgoing chief Yossi Cohan, who has served for

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07 Dec 2020

Saudis and Israelis Publicly Clash Over Palestinian Rights

On Sunday, during a regional security forum held due to Us brokered normalization deals between Israel and its Gulf Arab neighbors, tensions seemingly escalated between the Jewish state and Saudi leadership. The blunt exchanges over longstanding issues come just two weeks after the two countries’ leaders met in a secret

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18 Nov 2020

Israel strikes ‘Iranian military sites’ in Syria after bombs found in Golan

Israel has launched airstrikes against what it calls Iranian military targets in Syria. The strikes come just days after Israel allegedly discovered explosive devices in Golan Heights, which is currently occupied by Israel. A Syrian state news agency reported that a number of missiles were downed, saying that three Syrian

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16 Nov 2020

Five U.S. Troops Killed in Helicopter Crash Near Egypt

On Thursday, five US service members died after their helicopter, a UH-60 Black Hawk, crashed off the Egyptian coast. The servicemen were on a peacekeeping mission in the Sinai peninsula at the time of the crash, according to the Multinational Force and Observers organizations. A French and Czech service member

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