13 Aug 2020

Israel Says It Beat Attack by North Korean Cyber Group Under U.S. Sanctions

On Wednesday, Israel made a statement claiming that it had avoided a North Korean cyber group called Lazarus’s attempt to steal sensitive information from the country’s leading defense companies. Israel’s Defense Ministry did not specifically link North Korea to the Lazarus group, however, Lazarus is known to be a prominent

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04 Aug 2020

Israel Strikes Syrian Military Sites After It Reported Foiling Border Attack

Just one day after Israel reportedly foiled a Syrian militant attack plan, the country has allegedly struck a number of targets in northern Syria that are known military locations on Monday. Israel claims the move was a response to the failed attack on Israeli territory the day prior. According to

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03 Aug 2020

Israel Says It Thwarted Attack Along Its Border with Syria

The Israeli military has claimed to have shut down an attempted attack along its border with Syria. Israeli soldiers claim they fired at four individuals planting explosive devices along the border. Tensions have been increasing over the past several weeks between Israel and the Lebanese based militant group, Hezbollah. According

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29 Jul 2020

Promo Data Breach Hits 14.6 Million User Accounts

Earlier this week, an Israeli marketing video firm called Promo announced a major data breach in which 14 million accounts were impacted. The Israeli company revealed in an online notice that customer data was compromised due to a vulnerability in a third-party service. Attackers gained access to sensitive data such

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28 Jul 2020

Israel says it exchanged fire with Hezbollah in thwarted attack near Lebanese border

On Monday, Israeli forces reportedly exchanged fire with the terrorist organization Hezbollah near the Israel-Lebanon border after the group staged a fake attack. Israel’s military stated that a group of Hezbollah militants armed with assault rifles crossed over the demarcation line, also known as the Blue Line. After the group

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20 Jul 2020

Two more cyber-attacks hit Israel’s water system

According to the Water Authority of Israel, two cyberattacks have hit the country’s water management facilities over the past month. The attacks allegedly did not cause any damage to the organizations, which are located in Galilee and Math Yehuda according to local media. The attacks took place in June, however,

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24 Jun 2020

Israel’s Netanyahu Tries to Rally Support for Annexation Amid International Criticism

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is planning on rallying domestic support for his annexation plan, which draws out an area of the currently occupied West Bank. According to an internal party note, Netanyahu stated that the move would secure Israeli settlements despite divisions amongst his coalition over how to proceed.

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19 Jun 2020

NIH Partners with Israeli Startup to Generate Synthetic COVID-19 Data

On Thursday, the National Institutes of Health announced a new partnership with Israeli startup MDClone. The collaboration is an attempt to generate computationally derived synthetic data from aggregated clinical health data. The data will be utilized to advance COVID-19 research. This is a new development in the NIH’s National COVID

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26 May 2020

Israeli leader vows to push ahead with annexing West Bank

On Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to continue with plans to annex parts of the occupied West Bank over the next several months, despite growing opposition and condemnation by key allies. Palestinians in this territory have a wide international backing and seek the West Bank as a future

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21 May 2020

Thousands of Israeli sites defaced with code seeking permission to access users’ webcams

A new threat actor group by the name “Hackers of Savoir” has targeted thousands of Israeli websites, defacing them to display an anti-Israeli message and malicious code that requests access to site visitors’ webcams. Researchers believe that more than 2,000 websites have been defaced by the group during the campaign,

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