16 Aug 2019

3,813 breaches were reported through June 30, exposing over 4.1 billion records

In the first half of this year 3,813 data breaches were reported, which is 54% more than in the same period last year, a new report by Risk Based Security shows. The number of exposed records rose by 52%. The eight biggest breaches in the first six months of 2019

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16 Aug 2019

New Canon Survey Reveals Critical Gaps in Companies’ Cybersecurity Agenda

A new survey indicates that when it comes to cybersecurity, businesses are most concerned with the actions of their own staff. When asked about the biggest threat to their organization, 30% of respondents mentioned malicious insiders, and 25% said human error. Other threats that were given high priority were malware

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07 Aug 2019

Pakistani Man Bribed AT&T Employees to Unlock Phones, Plant Malware

The US Justice Department has indicted a Pakistani man named Muhammad Fahd for paying around $1 million in bribes to AT&T employees at a call center in Bothell, Washington to unlock phones and infect the telecommunications giant’s network with malware. The insiders fraudulently unlocked more than 2 million devices between

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26 Jul 2019

60% of companies experienced insider attacks in the last year

A new Nucleus Cyber report sheds light on the growing insider threat to organizations. 70% of companies indicate that cyber attacks carried out by insiders are on the rise, and 60% of organizations have suffered at least one such attack in the past year. Over two-thirds of firms consider themselves

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09 Jul 2019

NSA Isn’t Always Following Its Own Cybersecurity Policies, Watchdog Says

A new report by the Inspector General of the US National Security Agency (NSA) shows that the agency doesn’t always follow internal policies that are meant to protect the highly sensitive information it collects and processes. The various internal audits and investigations making up the report show that between October 2018 and

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08 Jul 2019

One in 10 IT Pros Would Steal Data if Leaving a Job

One in ten IT experts would attempt to take whatever information they could get their hands on before leaving their job, a new Gurucul survey shows. Furthermore, 15% respondents said that would make sure to delete certain files and change certain passwords. The report highlights the difficulty of detecting insider

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05 Jul 2019

Over Half of Employees Don’t Adhere to Email Security Protocols

A new survey by Barracuda Networks shows that the vast majority (87%) of decision makers believe email threats will rise in the coming year. However, companies are ill-prepared to defend against these threats. In fact, 94% of respondents acknowledged that email remains the weakest link in their cyber defenses. In

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21 Jun 2019

Desjardins, Canada’s largest credit union, announces security breach

A recent security breach at Desjardins, the largest credit union in Canada and one of the world’s biggest banks, highlights how insiders can put organizations and their data at risk. Last week, Quebec police informed the bank that one of its employees had taken advantage of their access to a

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17 Jun 2019

Human error still the cause of many data breaches

A new survey by Shred-it shows that data breaches are very often the result of human error. The majority of C-suite executives (53%) and more than a quarter of Small Business Owners (SBOs) (28%) point to human error or accidental loss by an external vendor/source as the cause of data

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06 Jun 2019

How privileged insiders threaten the security of global organizations

Almost two out of three IT organizations suspect that they suffered a direct or indirect breach in the past year due to abused or misused employee access (64%) or because a third party vendor got hacked (62%), new research by BeyondTrust shows. The report also highlights the prevalence of poor

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