08 Oct 2019

Internal user mistakes create large percentage of cybersecurity incidents

The vast majority (80%) of cybersecurity incidents over the past twelve months were caused, at least in part, by internal user errors, a new SolarWinds report shows. Other factors contributing to breaches were shortcomings in network, system or application security (36%), external threat actors breaching the network or systems (31%),

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04 Oct 2019

How to protect your organization against insider threats

Nearly half (49%) of business executives and 43% of IT decision makers have clicked on a potentially malicious link in an email before verifying that it was safe to do so, according to a new Code42 study[pdf] that highlights the insider threat to companies. In the past year and a

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01 Oct 2019

Employee negligence can be a leading contributor to data breaches

More than two in three (68%) organizations suffered one or more data breaches in the past year, a new Ponemon report found. In over two-thirds (69%) of those breaches, paper documents or electronic devices storing sensitive data were either lost or stolen. 65% of managers fear that their company may

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12 Sep 2019

IT pros worry about humans but invest in data and cloud security

In a recent Canon survey, IT professionals indicated that the top security threats to businesses are malicious insiders (30%), human error (25%), and compromised devices (21%). Respondents said the best ways of protecting companies against these threats are data security, network security, and user authentication & ID management. The human factor

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06 Sep 2019

Senior Staff Immune from Insider Threat Finger-Pointing

A new study[pdf] by Red Goat Cyber Security sheds light on insider threats. The survey presented respondents with different scenarios indicating potentially malicious behavior by a colleague, friend, new employee, senior staff member or contractor, and asked them whether or not they would report the person in question. When presented

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28 Aug 2019

Some employees willing to use company data to snag job at competitor

A recent survey by Gurucul reveals that nearly one in four (24%) security experts would use information of their current company to help their chances of getting a better job at another firm. Some respondents admitted to stealing company data for this purpose by transferring it to a flash drive

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16 Aug 2019

3,813 breaches were reported through June 30, exposing over 4.1 billion records

In the first half of this year 3,813 data breaches were reported, which is 54% more than in the same period last year, a new report by Risk Based Security shows. The number of exposed records rose by 52%. The eight biggest breaches in the first six months of 2019

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16 Aug 2019

New Canon Survey Reveals Critical Gaps in Companies’ Cybersecurity Agenda

A new survey indicates that when it comes to cybersecurity, businesses are most concerned with the actions of their own staff. When asked about the biggest threat to their organization, 30% of respondents mentioned malicious insiders, and 25% said human error. Other threats that were given high priority were malware

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07 Aug 2019

Pakistani Man Bribed AT&T Employees to Unlock Phones, Plant Malware

The US Justice Department has indicted a Pakistani man named Muhammad Fahd for paying around $1 million in bribes to AT&T employees at a call center in Bothell, Washington to unlock phones and infect the telecommunications giant’s network with malware. The insiders fraudulently unlocked more than 2 million devices between

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26 Jul 2019

60% of companies experienced insider attacks in the last year

A new Nucleus Cyber report sheds light on the growing insider threat to organizations. 70% of companies indicate that cyber attacks carried out by insiders are on the rise, and 60% of organizations have suffered at least one such attack in the past year. Over two-thirds of firms consider themselves

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