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TSA Issues Road Map to Tackle Insider Threat With Artificial Intelligence

The Transportation Security Administration has recently announced plans to share information its collects from employees and other outlets with federal agencies and the private sector, hoping to increase security and prevent insiders from carrying out crimes.  The TSA plans to create an “Insider Threat Mitigation Hub” through the use of artificial intelligence, probabilistic analysis, and data mining tools. The TSA released the document today, outlining the problem and the steps the agency plans on following to combat insider threats.

The document, called the “Insider Threat Roadmap,” defines the threat of malfeasance for the Transportation Systems Sector as it is present at a community-wide scale. The document claims that it is necessary for the entities to work together to mitigate the risks, as single entities are unable to do so alone. The publication cites a particular incident in 2019 in which a security camera at Miami International Airport caught an airline mechanic sabotaging a plane’s navigation system, using the occurrence to push its main point of insider threat awareness and stress the need for an overarching strategy in transportation security.

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