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Ex-Cisco Employee Convicted for Deleting 16K Webex Accounts

Sudhish Kasaba Ramesh, 31, has pleaded guilty to breaking into Cisco’s cloud infrastructure in 2018 and hacking the Webex collaboration platform to delete Webex accounts. The insider threat case has landed Ramesh at least two years in jail for the hack, which occurred roughly four months from his resignation from Cisco. He allegedly deployed a code from his still-functioning Google Cloud Project Account, which automatically wiped 456 virtual machines hosting WebEx team applications.

Ramesh’s actions cost cisco roughly $1.4 million in remediation costs and caused 16,000 WebEx Teams to lose their accounts for two weeks. Ramesh will pay a $15,000 fine and serve one full year of prison time followed by supervised release contingent on behavior. Ramesh has been charged with intentionally accessing a protected computer without authorization and recklessly damaging Cisco infrastructure.

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