19 Oct 2020

Police raid homes of suspected Islamic radicals in France

The French police are currently cracking down on suspected Islamic radicals after the beheading of a teacher who allegedly showed cartoons of Prophet Muhammad to his pupils believed to be controversial. The French police have now raided dozens of homes in connection with the investigation, including some of those who

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09 Oct 2020

French hostage Sophie Pétronin released in Mali after 1,381 days in captivity

After nearly four years in captivity, a French aid worker named Sophie Pétronin has been released in Mali. Pétronin was kidnapped in 2016 at the age of 72 while running a charity for children in Gao, Mali, who were suffering from malnutrition. Pétronin was captured by Islamic extremists and was

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05 Oct 2020

Paris to shut bars and raise alert to maximum

In France, the capital city of Paris is planning on shutting down all bars on Tuesday after several COVID-19 outbreaks occurred within the city. Paris will also be raising the alert level to the maximum possible after several days of high infection rates and newly reported cases. In an effort

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01 Oct 2020

Armenia-Azerbaijan, Both sides defy Nagorno-Karabakh ceasefire calls

Just days after a cease-fire was brokered between neighboring countries Armenia and Azerbaijan, forces have defied the calls for an agreement and continuously engaged in conflict along the border and in the region of Nagorno-Karabakh. Russia and France have been the most involved in the conflict, as the two countries

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29 Sep 2020

Paris Knife Attack Near Former Charlie Hebdo Office Is Probed as Terrorism

In Paris, two civilians were critically wounded in a knife attack nearby the former Charlie Hebdo office in which a horrific terrorist attack occurred just five years ago. Prosecutors are now investigating the knife attack as terrorism-motivated, due to its nature and aggressiveness. The assault began when a man with

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29 Sep 2020

French Shipping Giant CMA CGM Discloses Security Breach

On Monday, French shipping company CMA CGM released a statement detailing their struggle with a recent cyberattack in which they were forced to take some systems offline and disable external access to IT applications. While the shipping giant has refrained from releasing additional information about the attack, it likely involved

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28 Sep 2020

Lebanon’s Prime Minister-Designate Resigns, Deepening Country’s Political Crisis

On Saturday, Lebanon’s prime minister-designate Mustapha Adib resigned, abandoning his efforts to form a new government. This initiative was facilitated by France, who sought to end political stalemate and impasse within the country to unlock international aid following a devastating explosion in the capital of Beirut last month. Adib’s resignation

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08 Sep 2020

France, Japan, New Zealand warn of sudden spike in Emotet attacks

Over the past week, agencies in France, Japan, and New Zealand have produced independent security alerts due to a dramatic spike in Emotet malware attacks. The publications warn citizens that the attacks are targeting companies and government agencies through email spam campaigns. When the target receives the email and opens

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02 Sep 2020

14 Suspects on Trial Over Paris Massacre

Fourteen suspects are set to go on trial in France today for their involvement in the deadly attack on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which occurred in 2015. Three of the suspects are being tried in absentia, while the others will appear in court in Paris. The detained suspects are being

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10 Aug 2020

Terrorists Kill Six French Aid Workers in Niger, Government Says

On Sunday, six French aid workers and their local guide were killed in a terrorist attack carried out by Jihadist militants on motorcycles in Niger at the Kouré Giraffe Reserve. The attack began around 10 am when the French nationals and their tour guide entered the Giraffe reserve located roughly

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