22 Dec 2020

Britain, stuck in COVID-19 isolation, strives to lift France’s freight ban

On Tuesday, much of the world blocked Britons from traveling due to a highly infectious new coronavirus strain. This has also completely shut down one of Europe’s most crucial trade routes. The developments come just days before the Brexit date, causing political panic. Lines of trucks carrying important goods currently

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17 Dec 2020

France’s Emmanuel Macron tests positive for Covid-19, sending other European leaders into quarantine

On Thursday, the office of Emmanual Macron, sitting French president, disclosed that he had tested positive for Covid-19 after experiencing symptoms. Macron is planning on self-isolating for a week after being tested at the onset of early symptoms. Macron will continue to work and lead the country remotely, according to

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09 Dec 2020

French army gets ethical go-ahead for bionic soldiers

On Tuesday, a French military ethics committee released a report following a decision to allow the French armed forces to develop augmented soldiers. The report considers medical treatments, prosthetics, and implants to improve physical cognitive, psychological, and perceptive capacities. The technology could also allow for enhanced tracking or connectivity of

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24 Nov 2020

Corruption Trial of Former President Sarkozy Opens in France

Yesterday, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy went on trial as part of a probe into whether the former President attempted to bribe a magistrate to obtain confidential information about his finances in the 2007 campaign. Prosecutors have charged Mr.l Sarkozy with corruption and influence peddling. According to prosecutors, Sarkozy abused

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16 Nov 2020

Five U.S. Troops Killed in Helicopter Crash Near Egypt

On Thursday, five US service members died after their helicopter, a UH-60 Black Hawk, crashed off the Egyptian coast. The servicemen were on a peacekeeping mission in the Sinai peninsula at the time of the crash, according to the Multinational Force and Observers organizations. A French and Czech service member

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12 Nov 2020

Bomb Attack in Saudi Arabia Targets Foreign Diplomats

On Wednesday, a bomb attack occurred at the site of a World War I commemoration ceremony. Since the event was largely attended by Western diplomats, it is likely that the perpetrators were targeting high profile foreign figures. The bomb went off in the city of Jeddah, injuring two people. This

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29 Oct 2020

Knife Attack in Nice, France, Leaves Three People Dead

Less than a month after terrorists beheaded a French teacher showing his class Charlie Hebdo cartoons, a terrorist attack has occurred in the French Riviera city of Nice with three casualties. A man with a knife entered the Notre Dame Basilica in the center of Nice, stabbing two people to

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21 Oct 2020

Seven people to attend court over Samuel Paty’s death

According to French authorities, seven people connected to the beheading of French teacher Samual Paty are set to appear in court before an anti-terrorism judge following an investigation into the incident. The killer was an 18-year-old man named Abdullah Anzorov and was shot dead by police following the event. Two

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19 Oct 2020

Police raid homes of suspected Islamic radicals in France

The French police are currently cracking down on suspected Islamic radicals after the beheading of a teacher who allegedly showed cartoons of Prophet Muhammad to his pupils believed to be controversial. The French police have now raided dozens of homes in connection with the investigation, including some of those who

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09 Oct 2020

French hostage Sophie Pétronin released in Mali after 1,381 days in captivity

After nearly four years in captivity, a French aid worker named Sophie Pétronin has been released in Mali. Pétronin was kidnapped in 2016 at the age of 72 while running a charity for children in Gao, Mali, who were suffering from malnutrition. Pétronin was captured by Islamic extremists and was

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