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NATO Investigates Dark Web Leak of Data Stolen From Missile Vendor

NATO is allegedly investigating a data leak that impacted a European missile systems firm. Hackers have reportedly put the data stolen from the firm u for sale on the Dark Web, including blueprints of weapons currently utilized by Ukraine in the war with Russia. The company, MBDA Missile Systems, is headquartered in France and sells weapons to several different NATo countries. The company has clarified that the data for sale does belong to the firm. The attack appears to have been a ransomware attack, however, the data was acquired from a compromised external hard drive rather than internal networks.

The group also states that there is nothing currently for sale as part of the cache that is classified information. In addition, there is no indication that any NATO network has been compromised as part of the attack against MBDA Missile Systems. In August, the French missile producer acknowledged that it had been the subject of a blackmail attempt purported by a criminal group. The company refused to give into ransom demands and therefore the non-classified information was leaked online. The data for sale consists of 80GB and is currently listed for $297,279, or 15 bitcoins.

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