29 Jul 2020

Lazarus Group Shifts Gears with Custom Ransomware

North Korean advanced persistent threat (APT) group called Lazarus has emerged with new custom ransomware first spotted by Kaspersky in attacks against two organizations in March and April of this year. Researchers who have been observing the group’s actions state that the strain of ransomware utilized in the attacks is

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24 Jun 2020

New Zealand seizes $90 million in assets of Russian cybercrime suspect

New Zealand law enforcement has reportedly seized assets worth $90.68 million from a Russian man who is suspected of money laundering billions of dollars in digital currency. The assets were being held in a New Zealand company owned by cybercriminal Alexander Vinnik, who is wanted in the US, France, and

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19 Jun 2020

Coronavirus was already in Italy by December, waste water study finds

Italian officials say that the COVID-19 virus was present in the country in December, after the National Institute of Health stated that water from Milan and Turin showed genetic traces of the virus on December 18. This adds to the increasing amount of evidence that the virus has been circulating

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07 May 2020

Fractures in many nations widen as virus lockdowns ease

As several countries prepare to lift COVID-19 lockdowns, people fear economic devastation paired and the second wave of deaths. French mayors have opposed the government’s order to reopen schools due to WHO warnings over lifting lockdown measures prematurely. In Italy, however, governors want Rome to ease lockdown measures sooner. The

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29 Apr 2020

Coronavirus: France mandates masks for schools and transport

France has announced that face masks will be mandatory on public transport and in schools once COVID-19 lockdown measures are eased on May 11. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe made the announcement yesterday, citing statistics that claim the lockdown has saved roughly 62,000 lives. Schools in France will reopen gradually, beginning

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16 Apr 2020

Coronavirus: 668 infected on French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle

France’s aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle has been hit with a COVID-19 outbreak, as a third of the sailors aboard the ship contracted the virus. Of the 2,000 sailors, 668 have been infected. The navy stated that an escorting frigate and carrier pilots are also in quarantine, however, nearly all

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08 Apr 2020

Worst recession in decades piles pressure on EU to agree new relief package

According to forecasts published on Wednesday, Europe’s top two economies are experiencing the worst contraction in decades as EU officials work towards new measures to relieve economic pressure and distress. German economic research institutes stated that the country’s economy is likely to shrink by 4.2% this year as a result

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09 Mar 2020

Italy quarantines north in drastic bid to slow virus spread

Italy’s Premier Giuseppe Conte put northern Italy under quarantine after recording 7,300 confirmed coronavirus cases, meaning that over 16 million Italian residents are effectively on quarantine until further notice. Although all tourists may go home, public spaces such as museums and popular tourist architectural sites are closed until further notice.

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02 Mar 2020

Italy reports a 50% increase in confirmed coronavirus cases

On Sunday, Italy reported a 50% increase in coronavirus cases, confirming that the country now has 1,694 cases of the virus, representing an increase in 1,128 cases on Saturday. Thirty-four people have now died in Italy as the country experiences the worst outbreak of any country outside of Asia. The

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17 Feb 2020

Brexit: France warns UK of bitter trade negotiation

French foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian warned Britain to expect bitter trade negotiations following Britain’s exit from the European Union earlier this month. The Drian made it clear at a recent conference in Munich that Brussels would defend its best interests when talks over trade negotiations begin next month. He

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