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French Hospitals Cut Internet Connection After Data Raid

A French hospital has been forced to shut down its internet connectivity in two of its locations due to a cyberattack that launched an attempted extortion campaign. The hospital chain, GHT Coeur Grand Est revealed the news of the cyberattack yesterday, claiming that the cyber incident occurred last Tuesday. The announcement confirmed that the two locations impacted were Vitry-le-Francois and Saint-Dizier hospitals. The two hospital’s connectivity was shut down to protect and secure patient and employee data. Outgoing and incoming internet connections are currently unavailable for the impacted locations.

The hospital chain confirmed that the shutdown will continue until the risk of a renewed attack exploiting the flaw it leveraged previously is resolved. The information that was stolen during the initial attack is all administrative computer data, according to the hospitals. However, local reports claim that patient data including social security details and banking information regarding the patients of one of the hospitals was posted to the dark web. The ransomware demand is $1.3 million, according to the hospital chain.

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