18 Jan 2021

Palestinian Leader Calls First Vote in 15 Years, Amid Hopes to Heal Rift With U.S.

Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Authority President, announced plans earlier this week for parliamentary and presidential elections for the first time in roughly 15 years. The group is seeking to rebuild ties with America through President-elect Joe Biden after difficulties with the Trump administration. The Palestinians have tried to hold elections throughout

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13 Jan 2021

Estonian opposition asked to step in after PM quits over scandal

Prime Minister Juri Ratas resigned after an inquiry into a property development, leading the president of Estonia to ask the leader of the opposition centre-right Reform Party to step in. On Wednesday, Kaja Kallas was asked to form the next government, but will need support from parliament for the nomination.

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11 Dec 2020

Kazakhstan ramps up control of the internet ahead of elections

In Kazakhstan, authorities have created and deployed a new online security initiative which may be an attempt to increase government control over the internet ahead of the parliamentary elections that are set to occur in January. On Monday, the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation, and Aerospace announced that they were

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09 Nov 2020

Bolivia’s Luis Arce sworn in as president as socialists return to power

Luis Arce, the leader of Bolivia’s socialist party, was inaugurated as President on Sunday, closing out a tumultuous presidency lead by Evo Morales. Morales was ousted from office last year due to extensive protests against his rule. Arce was sworn in yesterday in La Paz, and leaders from across the

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05 Nov 2020

Malspam Campaign Milks Election Uncertainty

A new campaign targeting US presidential election uncertainty has been uncovered by cybersecurity professionals. Threat actors have leveraged public mistrust in the election process, releasing a malspam campaign that spreads the Qbot Trojan. The day after the election, a wave of spam emails was released with headlines claiming to have

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02 Nov 2020

Crippling Cyberattacks, Disinformation Top Concerns for Election Day

Cyber researchers have been voicing concerns over cyberattacks on US critical election infrastructure and the spread of disinformation campaigns affecting the democratic process within the US. Election-related cybersecurity news has been more and more frequent this election, and the US electorate is more worried than ever about late-stage cyberattacks occurring

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28 Oct 2020

Facebook warns of “perception hacks” undermining trust in democracy

On Tuesday, Facebook released a warning stating that threat actors are utilizing social media to claim responsibility for illegitimate “major electoral systems hacks” or are pretending to have otherwise disrupted the 2020 Presidential election process. This is referred to in the advisory as perception hacking, and Facebook states that it

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26 Oct 2020

Georgia Election Data Hit in Ransomware Attack

Hall County, Georgia, is now one of the first districts to suffer from a breach amidst the upcoming elections, targeted by an attack that exposed the county’s database of voter signatures. The county has claimed that the voting process remains unimpacted by the ransomware attack, the incident proves how important

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16 Oct 2020

Kyrgyzstan’s president says he’s quitting to avoid bloodshed

On Thursday, Kyrgyzstan’s President Sooronbai Jannbekov announced his resignation due to protests over a parliamentary election that was heavily disputed by the public. This represents the third time in just 15 years in which a Central Asian country leader has been ousted by a public uprising. Under the Kyrgyzstan constitution,

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12 Oct 2020

Scores detained during protests in Belarus

In Belarus, hundreds were arrested amid protests against the country’s now-notorious authoritarian leader, Alexander Lukashenko. For the 10th consecutive Sunday, tens of thousands of protestors gathered in the capital city of Minsk, demanding that the presidential elections be re-held due to rumors of the vote being rigged in favor of

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