21 Jul 2021

Haiti Inaugurates New Leader Two Weeks After President’s Assassination

Ariel Henry has become the new prime minister of Haiti as of Tuesday, just two weeks after the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse. The country is beginning to hold official ceremonies to mourn the former leader. The police have reportedly widened the list of suspects in his killing. Henry, a

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18 Jun 2021

Iranians vote in election all but guaranteed to deliver an ultra-conservative president

On Friday, polls opened in Iran for an election that is all but guaranteed to elect a hardline president. All the other serious contenders were barred from the election. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei cast the first ballot and encouraged Iranians to head to the polls, as a lack of

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25 May 2021

Dozens of Mexican Candidates Have Been Killed in a Bloody Election Season

Abel Murrieta, candidate for mayor in the Mexican city of Ciudad Obregón, was handing out fliers to a crowd on May 13 when he was approached by two men and shot 10 times in the face, neck, and chest, killing him. The 58-year-old lawyer and former prosecutor is the latest

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05 May 2021

Israel’s Netanyahu Fails to Form New Government

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has failed to form a new government prior to a deadline, a development that could potentially end his 15-year rule if his opponents are successful in putting together their own alternative coalition. The country’s president is expected to offer Mr. Netanyahu’s rivals a chance to

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30 Mar 2021

Hong Kong: China limits parliament to ‘patriots’

Changes to Hong Kong’s electoral rules will tighten China’s control over the city. The newly passed rules cut the number of directly elected seats in parliament by half and the prospective candidates must be vetted by a pro-Beijing committee to ensure their loyalty. The goal is to only allow “patriotic”

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11 Mar 2021

Palestine’s Fatah sacks senior member over election breakaway bid

Nassar al-Qudwa was stripped of membership in Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party after announcing his own list of candidates in upcoming polls for a parliamentary election. Fatah’s Central Committee gave al-Qudwa 2 days to reverse his decision and drop his breakaway challenge and he failed to comply.  Last week al-Qudwa announced

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11 Mar 2021

China moves to overhaul Hong Kong politics, squeezing democratic opposition

A draft decision to change Hong Kong’s electoral system was approved in China’s parliament on Thursday. The draft changes reduce democratic representation in the city’s institutions and allows a mechanism to vet politicians’ loyalty to Beijing. Beijing is trying to consolidate its increasingly authoritarian grip over Hong Kong after the

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18 Jan 2021

Palestinian Leader Calls First Vote in 15 Years, Amid Hopes to Heal Rift With U.S.

Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Authority President, announced plans earlier this week for parliamentary and presidential elections for the first time in roughly 15 years. The group is seeking to rebuild ties with America through President-elect Joe Biden after difficulties with the Trump administration. The Palestinians have tried to hold elections throughout

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13 Jan 2021

Estonian opposition asked to step in after PM quits over scandal

Prime Minister Juri Ratas resigned after an inquiry into a property development, leading the president of Estonia to ask the leader of the opposition centre-right Reform Party to step in. On Wednesday, Kaja Kallas was asked to form the next government, but will need support from parliament for the nomination.

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11 Dec 2020

Kazakhstan ramps up control of the internet ahead of elections

In Kazakhstan, authorities have created and deployed a new online security initiative which may be an attempt to increase government control over the internet ahead of the parliamentary elections that are set to occur in January. On Monday, the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation, and Aerospace announced that they were

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