08 Sep 2020

Ransomware Could Be Major Threat to 2020 Election

According to expert analysis and NTT Ltd.’s recently published September global threat report, ransomware could pose a significant threat to US election infrastructure as the US presidential elections are upcoming. NTT Ltd. stated that the voting machines used by several states across the country are vulnerable to attacks and could

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07 Sep 2020

100,000 march in Minsk to demand Belarus leader resigns

On Sunday, tens of thousands of Belarusians gathered in the capital city of Minsk to protest the results of a recent election that kept President Alexander Lukashenko in power. The protests have been ongoing for roughly five weeks, as demonstrators call for the authoritarian leader to resign. Belarus’s opposition party

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31 Aug 2020

Strike leader detained in Belarus as crackdown continues

On Monday, authorities in Belarus arrested a top opposition party leader who organized a strike at a major industrial plant. Many Belarusians claim that this was an attempt to stifle weeks of protests against the re-election of Alexander Lukashenko, who has ruled over the country for 26 years. Opposition members

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26 Aug 2020

What is Kim Yo Jong’s exact role in North Korean politics? Top South Korean officials appear divided

Kim Yo Jong, Kim Jong Un’s younger sister, allegedly became the second most powerful North Korean figure after Kim Jong Un dictated some of his authorities to his younger sibling. However, the South Korean government disputes this claim, stating that Kim Yo Jong will not be named as a successor

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25 Aug 2020

Russian-backed organizations amplifying QAnon conspiracy theories, researchers say

According to researchers, Russian government-backed actors have played a role in amplifying conspiracy theories created and promoted by the prominent US-based group QAnon. This has raised significant concerns over foreign interference in the US elections, which will occur in November. Researchers state that Russia likely did not have involvement in

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20 Aug 2020

Belarus opens criminal case against opposition leaders

Amid weeks of protests, the Belarus chief prosecutor has allegedly opened a criminal case against opposition leaders, some of which have already fled the country. The case accuses them of trying to seize power or stage a coup. Lukashenko, Belarus’s current ruler, has also ordered the police to use all

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19 Aug 2020

Belarus unrest, Opposition appeals to EU as summit begins

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the exiled opposition leader in Belarus, spoke from Lithuania yesterday appealing to her followers and urging them to recognize current ruler Alexander Lukashenko’s illegitimacy due to skewed elections that occurred just a few weeks ago. The opposition party has begun appealing to the EU ahead of its scheduled

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17 Aug 2020

Jacinda Ardern delays election over coronavirus fears

In New Zealand, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has made the decision to postpone the country’s general election by a month due to a spike in COVID-19 cases that is ongoing. Although the vote was positioned to take place on September 19, it will now occur on October 17. Ardern stated

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14 Aug 2020

Belarusians accuse authorities of torture and humiliation during mass detentions

Protests across Belarus earlier this week lead to a series of arrests after the demonstrations turned violent and citizens clashed with law enforcement and security forces. Now, Belarusians are claiming that the country’s security forces treated the detainees inhumanely, beating, torturing, and humiliating them while in government custody. The protesters

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14 Aug 2020

New Coalition Wants to Help in Fight Against Election Misinformation

Earlier this week, a sophisticated and massive disinformation campaign was exposed in a report detailing attempts to sway US voter opinions and derail US presidential elections. A new group has emerged that aims to form a coalition that is dedicated to fighting election misinformation and fake news. Platforms such as

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